Chinatown's Hong Kong Bakery


Older-than-the-hills Hong Kong bakery K.C.'s Pastries was recently written up in Mac & Cheese. They totally understand the cultural mishmash that is Hong Kong cuisine:

Steer clear of the meat-filled buns (if vegetarian), and most of what’s left are sweet-filled buns, but the cheese and corn bun can take care of your savory cravings. Canned corn and cheese atop a sweet bread roll may sound like something from a college dorm kitchen, but it tastes just as good as you remember your ramen culinary creations – damn good! For whatever reason, we were more scared of the peanut butter bun than the corn and cheese bun, but that peanut butter bun was out of this world. I think we feared a glob of gooey peanut butter in the center (that was my fear, at least), but, instead, the pastry had layers of dough and layers of just enough peanut butter to satisfy. No goo bomb inside!

Canned corn? Cheese? Why the hell not.

K.C.'s Pastries [Mac & Cheese Review]