Neil Stein's Triumphant Return

It's time for a return to the Neil Stein-returning-to-the-restaurant-biz story we first covered back in November.

For our friends who moved to Philadelphia after 2003 or so, Neil Stein is a legendary Philadelphia restaurateur (Striped Bass, Avenue B, Rogue) whose empire went down in flames amidst some particularly sordid circumstances. After serving his jail time and some subsequent toying with the idea of opening a boutique hotel, Stein has decided to reenter the restaurant biz. Here's the info, courtesy of the Daily News's Dan Gross:

Cabaret is the name of the restaurant that Neil Stein and partners are hoping to bring to the Morris House Hotel (225 S. 8th). Stein is partnered up with Lindsay Ratkovich, a real-estate developer and daughter of Los Angeles real-estate titan Wayne Ratkovich, and Morris House owners Michael DiPaolo and Gene LeFevre. As the name suggests, says Lindsay Ratkovich, Cabaret will be "a space designed to entertain," and the food will be "American-Parisian bistro cuisine." Look for red decor and a piano bar as part of the restaurant.

Cabaret coming to Morris House [Dan Gross/Daily News]