Paddy's Pub Pinpointed in Pennsport; NBC Passes on PETA Ad


The Illadelph has used his advanced math and cartography skills to determine the theoretical South Philly location of the fictional Paddy's Pub in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. [Illadelph]

• NBC has declined to run a PETA ad about turkey cruelty during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. [Gothamist]

• Everybody loves Campbell's Soup in a recession - earnings are up 17 percent at the Camden-based company. [PBJ]

• Mogul Richard Branson is opening a fifteen acre culinary resort called Natirar in New Jersey next week. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

• China has executed two men for their role in last year's contaminated milk scandal. [NYT]

• Scientists have found that a diet rich in Vitamin A will help you fight disease (including swine flu) better. [WSJ]

• Fifty Cent has settled a lawsuit against Taco Bell for using his name without permission in an ad. [NYP]