Starr's Sneak Peek Photos of El Rey

El Rey comes to life

Earlier today, Ken Friedman's publicist Stephen Starr forwarded over this photo of the signage from El Rey, which is scheduled to open sometime next week. The sign brings to mind the following, in no particular order: a movie marquee, the classic Orson Welles film Touch of Evil, the former tenant Midtown IV's special brand of Chestnut Street sleaze, the Sam Eric movie theater (remember the Sam Eric?), a restaurant in New York called L-Ray where we were once employed and a little bit of Jose Garces' Distrito. Also, notice all of the Ls are missing, except in the "El." Seedy! The Starr Twitter is also sending out sneak peek photos of the interior, which we've assembled for you. Click through to see drop ceilings, velvet paintings and accordions.



El Rey, 2013 Chestnut St.