Making Predictions About 2011 Is as Easy as Pie

So hip to be squared

Earlier this week, Grub Street mentioned that end of the year predictions of hot food trends are often the source of endless laughs, especially when the conjecture seems more like a rehashing of what was in the past year, rather than a look forward. Today’s crystal ball-gazing moment of slap-happy silliness comes by way of a piece in the Inquirer, that professes that pie — yeah like mom used to make, like what David Chang’s been shipping from his Momofuku Milk Bar for a small fortune, what Stephen Starr promises will be the only dessert at his forthcoming Route 6, and the sweet number that inspired its own pop-up in L.A. earlier this year — is going to be the hottest thing to happen to the food world since the invention of the salamander broiler. The piece likens the crusty old standby as the replacement for the ubiquitous and ostensibly played out cupcake (thank the food gods!), which kind of reminds us of something we read on some blog a while back. If you ask us, it all sounds like a bunch of pie-in-the-sky speculation. [Inquirer]