What You Missed Last Night at the Royal Sushi and Izakaya Pop Up


If last night’s debut of the Royal Sushi & Izakaya pop-up at the Khyber Pass Pub demonstrated anything, it’s that there’s an insatiable and largely untapped audience willing to wait for hours to taste Chef Todd Dae Kulper’s Asian-inspired pub fare. It’s a little surprising too. Back when the Khyber crew first floated the idea of transforming the erstwhile indie rock sanctuary into a Japanese style pub, the idea was vehemently and widely ridiculed. The first in what’s said to be a series of pop-ups serving as a coming out party for Kulper’s cuisine and the Khyber’s Royal Sushi & Izakya concept, which owner Stephen Simons says they’re still trying to find a proper home for, drew overwhelming crowds early, and ran out of ramen before 9:30 p.m. If you missed it, check out the photos of what was served straight ahead.