Foursquare and Free Beer: The Secret to P.Y.T.’s Success

Tommy Up Photo: Michael Spain-Smith

Perhaps one of the biggest revelations that came to light in the 111 comments left on Fooboozs post about Shola Olunloyo getting locked out of Speck was that things havent been running so smooth at the Piazza. Businesses are struggling, tenants are allegedly leaving as soon as their leases are up, and the few shops that continue to hang on, struggle to do so. Thats all except for Tommy Ups P.Y.T., which is experiencing a burger boom of epic proportions. Business is so good in fact, that Entrepreneur magazine recently used P.Y.T. and Ups social media marketing talents as a case study for a piece about leveraging Foursquare to boost business.

In just a short period of time, P.Y.T. became one of the most visited restaurants in the country within the Foursquare community. In January Up rewarded the 10,000th customer to check in at P.Y.T. with a trip to New York. Ho was he able to get so many Foursquare users to check in? How else? By offering them free beer! Shortly after getting hip to the location-based mobile application, Up began offering a free beer to each person who checked in at P.Y.T. Now, if only he could figure out a way to get people to check in at the rest of the Piazzas businesses.
Three Tips to Boost Business on Foursquare [Entrepreneur]