School District Will Shut Down Kitchens at Three-Quarters of the City’s Schools; The Dutch Parliament Bans Live-Animal Slaughter

To offset the budget shortfalls, the Philadelphia School District will close the kitchens at three-quarters of the citys elementary and middle schools. [Inquirer]

The Dutch parliament passed a bill that bans live-animal slaughter, which will make it nearly impossible for observant Jews and Muslims to get meat that is kosher or halal. [AP]

Here's how to celebrate the Fourth of July while at the same time minimizing your impact on the environment. Yes, someone really wrote this. [NYT]

British pop star Cliff Richard, who is 70, hopped into the kitchen at Gus's Fried Chicken in Memphis. Apparently what he made was quite good! [Mirror UK]

More than ever, chefs are dreaming up dishes with the help of digital gizmos like Kindles and laptops. [WSJ]

The body of an Austin, Texas, woman was found in a restaurant ventilation duct, where she apparently got stuck while trying to sneak into the eatery. [KTLA]