The King Is Dead; Long Live the Clown

Will work for burgers! Photo: Melissa Hom

Ronald McDonald should count his lucky stars! Despite repeated calls for the clowns ouster, he still leads a charmed life of making kids fat being the face of Mickey Ds. But things havent been quite as fortunate for Burger Kings creepy King mascot. Yesterday the worlds No. 2 hamburger chain announced that as part of a top-to-bottom makeover, its killing him off.

The Miami Herald reports that the Kings ouster is one of several big changes the company is making in an effort to turn around sagging sales. The King is not our brand, Burger Kings president, Steve Wiborg, told the paper.

Along with the mascot, Burger King is also ditching its $1 value menu items and just about everything else except for its signature Whopper. A new menu will feature lighter, healthier items, like salads, wraps, granola, and yogurt parfaits. And where its not trimming the fat, Burger King is pushing quality ingredients. One of the newly minted burgers its test marketing is a home-style burger served with thick-cut bacon on a brioche bun. Ooh la la!

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