Village Whiskey Chills Out With Booze Milkshakes

Village Whiskey's boozey milkshakes Photo: JNog

Today we get another reprieve from summers swelter, but staring tomorrow, its back in the oven with temperatures soaring again for the rest of the week. But just as the mercury starts going back up, Iron Chef Jose Garces is rolling out a very cool way to chill things down a little at Village Whiskey. The decadent burger and whiskey haven is now mixing up booze milkshakes! The Irish Car Bomb features housemade devils food cake brushed with Negra Modelo, layers of dark chocolate pstry cream thats spiked with Jameson Irish Whiskey and Baileys Irish Creme, and blended with vanilla and chocolate ice creams and topped with cake. The Strawberry-Rum shake is made with fresh strawberry ice cream, strawberry sauce and Goslings rum topped with sliced strawberries. There are also Smores, vanilla and chocolate shakes too. And each can be made without the booze for kids, teetotalers and those who are still on the clock.