LaBan Rings The Bell Once For Frankford Hall; Jong Ka Jib Serves the ‘Best Soup Around’


An overall sense of disappointment that played out through everything from the dry, bland, and bready pretzels to the pasty glop of spätzle noodle dumplings gives Craig LaBan reason to ring his bell only once for Frankford Hall. [Inquirer]

The less thrilling dishes that make up Adsums new back to bistro basics menu earn a pass, Adam Erace write, because of how well they're prepared. But in the case of the roasted beets, arugula and goat cheese, the shift can feel dumbed-down to the point of boredom. [Courier-Post]

Philly Phoodie boldly states that the mushroom soft tofu soup served at Jong Ka Jib in Olneys Koreatown is matter of factly some of the best soup around. It also serves a solid rendition of bibimbap. [Philly Phoodie]

The breast meat was the best of the bunch at Rotisseur, and the roasted potatoes were one of the highlights of a perfect impromptu Friday night picnic. [Two Eat Philly]