No Bells For Thai Kuu; Sawatdee’s Spiciness Seems ‘Dialed Down’


Dinner at Thai Kuu sputtered quickly from promise to disaster, in one of the most inept displays of service Craig LaBan has experienced all year. The consistently underwhelming food wasnt even remotely worthy of the wait or expense. Nor worthy of any bells. [Inquirer]

The beer-and-sage-brined pork chop that Adam Erace ordered at the Corner was beautifully cooked. The seafood hotdog was: Clever. Fun. Inventive. [Courier-Post]

Sawatdees tofu veggie soup wasn't bad, but just not exciting for Living on the Vedges Kelly White Phillips. The crispy spring roll with mung bean noodles was much better, but the spiciness of the Pad See Ewe was dialed down. [Living on the Vedge]

The amount of food contained in Misora Express bento boxes is craziness. The pan fried  dumplings didnt suck. And the really flavorful beef could have been served at a much fancier restaurant. [Midtown Lunch]