No Fried Starfish or Crickets For Night Market; Flour and Chocolate Prices Are Expected to Fall

Even though it draws inspiration from the vibrant street markets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam, street vendor staples from Asian countries like crickets, deep-fried starfish and snakeskin wont be offered at the Chinatown edition of Night Market. [Inquirer]

A pervy Popeyes manager in Bensalem, who is also a registered sex offender, faces up to 24 years in prison for groping and fondling teenage employees. [NBC Philadelphia]

Don't worry, Eva Longoria's troubles are nearly over: Landry's (which owns Chart House) will buy her bankrupt Las Vegas restaurant Beso. [NRN]

Commodity prices have been up, up, up, but it seems the price of flour and chocolate might finally fall. Bakers rejoice! [USAT]

Lunchbox-packing has become a competitive sport; if you don't leave your kid a loving note, you're a huge jerk. [WSJ]

As fancy cheeses have come of age, "the affineur has become the cheese worlds version of the mixologist"; some don't buy that affinage (aging) is important, however. [NYT]