Rival Bros to Perk Up the Local Coffee Scene

Rival Bros Jonathan Adams and Damien Pileggi.

There’s certainly been no shortage of small, independent artisan coffee roasters sprouting up around the city in recent months. And today there comes word that Pub & Kitchen chef Jonathan Adams is one half of the latest operation to fall into those ranks. Adams and lifelong friend, Damien Pileggi, a La Colombe vet, have launched Rival Bros Coffee, a small-batch roaster, according to a prepared statement. Rival Bros will sell its coffee online for nationwide distribution and locally with what the two have dubbed a “mobile coffee shop,” a converted delivery truck that will brew and pour coffee to order at Love Park in weeks to come. The truck will be equipped with built-in pour-over stations, a La Marzocco two-group espresso machine with pre-infusion paddles, a Fetco extractor brewer, an Italian-made Mazzer espresso coffee grinder, and one kick-ass sound system.