Say It Ain’t So: DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies Calls It Quits!

Like a beacon in the night. Photo: Courtesy Philly Phoodie

Theres heartbreaking news bubbling up like sad molten mozzarella cheese from the pizza tomato pie world today. Trenton institution, De Lorenzos Tomato Pies, is closing! After turning out some of the tastiest, thin and very crunchy-crusted pizzas for the last 65 years! The Amico family, which owns the tiny, whole-in-the-wall pizza shop thats gained infamy not just for its perfect pies, but for the fact that it notoriously has no parking lot, printed menus, posted prices or even a bathroom, said the closing is tough decision and they wont call it a retirement, according to the Times of Trenton. In 2008, a second DeLorenzos location opened (with two bathrooms!) in Robbinsville, N.J. That location will remain open. The Amicos alluded to possibly opening a Pennsylvania location, but not for another year or so. The old original location will close on January 15. [Times of Trenton]