Amada Bails Fish’s Pastry Chef Out of Dessert Debacle

Monica Glass (right) with former 10 Arts compadre, Jennifer Carroll Photo: Collin Keefe

To the casual onlooker, Fishs move to 13th and Locust streets, has gone swimmingly. But as you can imagine, when opening a new restaurant or in this case, simply relocating an established one theres plenty of opportunity for things to go awry. For Fishs newly appointed pastry chef Monica Glass that meant the arrival of the ice cream machine she had hoped would be in place for the restaurant's opening, has been delayed. Not to worry though, because shes found a work-around, Philly Chit Chats HughE Dillon reports. Glass is getting a boost from the crew at Joe Garces Amada. Theyve stepped up and are letting her use their ice cream maker. Shes reportedly been running over to Old City each morning to make ice cream at the tapas temple, and bringing it back to Fish. Talk about your friendly competition. [Philly Chit Chat]

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