Caught on Video: Mouse Meandering Through Bag of Big Mac Buns


If limiting your intake of high fat and unhealthy fast foods was part of your New Years resolutions, heres some incentive to help you stick to your goals. Its video submitted to local Fox affiliate WTXF by a former employee at a McDonalds in the citys West Oak Lane neighborhood that shows a mouse yes a real live, filthy and disgusting mouse burrowing its way through a large bag of Big Mac buns like a lab rat working its way through a maze. The former employee who shot the video with a cellphone, told Fox that the Mickey Ds boss at this location ordered employees to brush the mouse droppings off of the fouled buns, and continue using them to sandwich Big Macs. Umm, ew! Keep reading to see the raw video.

Video Shows Mouse In Bag Of Big Mac Rolls [myfoxphilly]