Research Shows Soda Taxes Can Save Lives; Sushi Makes Men for Fertile

In case you havent noticed, whoopie pies are, like, a big thing now and poised to go bigger in 2012. At least theyre not being touted as the new cupcake. [Newsworks]

Remember that soda tax that Mayor Michael Nutter proposed? Turns out that such a measure, if passed, could save as many as 26,000 lives per year. [Atlantic]

Instead of toys, U.K. McDonald's stores are giving kids vouchers for books. Now they'll never be able to read again without craving French fries. [NYDN]

Stop the sandwich presses, Quizno's is expanding to the Philippines. [NRN]

The Food Lion grocery chain is closing over 100 of its stores around the country. [CBS]

You're probably doing cabbage salad wrong here's how to make it taste good. [Slate]

Sushi has been shown to boost male fertility. It's the omega-3s that seem to make the difference. [NYDN]