Behold Atlantic City’s New Home for Low-Stakes Gambling

Let it ride! Photo: iStockPhoto

What was once the Atlantic City Hilton it has been operating under the abbreviated ACH since Hilton pulled out last year will be rechristened the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel next month. Its the first in a series of steps being taken to reposition the casino as A casino for the rest of us, one at which value will trump glitz, the Daily News reports. This move toward a more frugal focus, aimed at drawing a clientele that subsides on tighter budgets than those who frequent the Borgata, also includes the introduction of penny slots, table games with $5 and $10 minimums, and restaurants with entrees priced between $12 and $18. While this certainly taps a niche thats underserved at the East Coasts gambling mecca, the thing thats stuck in our craw is, people concerned about their budgets and bottom lines probably shouldnt be gambling in the first place. [Daily News]