Don’t Drink the Green Beer: That and More St. Patrick's Day Tips From Philly's Barkeeps

Don't be like this guy.

Like it or not, Saint Patricks Day is upon us, and soon the streets of Philly will run green with seas of staggering and green beer-obliterated yahoos crawling their way through every Irish bar from McGillin's in Center City to the Shamrock Pub down on Two Street. Its doubtful that anyone in this town actually takes issue with the Irish or the celebration of their patron saint, but there are plenty who cringe at the thought of the droves of ill-mannered folks from all walks of life who turn out and drink their faces off on his feast day. To help those etiquette-averse revelers rage a little more tactfully, Grub reached out to some of Phillys barkeeps to come up with a simple set of Saint Patricks Day Dos and Donts. Keep reading to see what advice they had to offer.

Fergus Fergie Carey
Fergies, Monks Cafe, Belgian Cafe

Dont: Make this the only day this year you go out. Go out other days so youre not such an amateur when Saint Patricks Day comes around.

Do: Tip well.

Do: Make sure that silly green plastic hat youre wearing is the only place where you puke.

John Warner
Pub on Passyunk East

Dont: Snap your fingers at me. Thats my biggest pet peeve. And that seems to be something that happens only when we get big crowds in on Saint Paddys Day. And dont reach over the bar and grab my shirt to get my attention either. Thats a big no-no.

Do: Enjoy only as much Irish whiskey and Guinness as you can handle.

Tommy Up

Do: Misbehave. We actually advocate misbehavior. Were built for it.

Do: Leave your keys at home.

Dont: Drink any green beer.

Do: Bring protection.

Ed Hackett
Pub & Kitchen

Dont: Come in here wearing green beads. We have a strict policy of no beads.

Do: If youre already intoxicated and wearing green, skip 20th and Lombard and go straight to Cavanaugh's

Colin Shearn
Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

Dont: Try to prove the myth of the Irish and their drinking prowess. Theres no rule that says you have to get completely blotto-ed.

Dont: Drink anything thats been dyed green. Thats just disgusting. There shouldnt be anything artificial, either in the color of your beer or your pretend heritage.

Jim Kirk
Kite & Key

Do: Drink good beer. If youre enjoying the beer, youre going to enjoy the holiday.

Dont: Pound 30 Miller Lites and throw up in a garbage can. Its not about slamming mass quantities of beer, its about enjoying yourself and enjoying what youre drinking.