The Pliny Madness Reaches Fever Pitch

Pliny the Younger Photo: Steve Ganz via Flickr

Look out beer nerds: As if you havent heard already, one of the most highly coveted and extremely rare (especially around these parts) American beers, Russian River Brewing Companys super hopped-up triple IPA Pliny the Younger is now on our turf. A dozen or so barrels of the seldom-seen, limited release elixir are currently chilling in area bars coolers. Two have already been tapped! And though we never believed it could happen here, because you know, its more of a West Coast thing, it seems as if the Pliny fever is approaching epidemic levels amongst the thirsty masses.

Grey Lodge Pubs Grand Poobah, Mike Scoats Scotese casually tweeted the other night that hed already put the Pliny on tap. Teresas Next Door also tapped its allotment with little fanfare, according to Eater Philly.

Going forward, Pinocchios in Media tapped the Younger this morning, and Capones in Norristown will start pouring it on Saturday. And the rest will play out over the course of the next few weeks. Heres what its looking like now:

Monks Cafe
On Monday, March 5, its Monk's Mad Monday Russian River benefit for Alexs Lemonade. The Pliny gets tapped at 11:30 a.m. sharp. Six ounce glasses will be $15. Joining it on draught will be additional Russian River rarities, like Pliny the Elder, Consecration, Damnation and Blind Pig. Monks will also be raffling off some impressive beer packages, including a basket of Lambic beers culled from the cellars, and another with Trappist ales. Monks is only accepting cash for all sales.

City Tap House
Of course University Citys behemoth house of brews got its hands on one of the few Pliny barrels that made their way East. And they expect to put it on tap on Monday. Theyre selling tickets beginning at 6 p.m., with the Pliny pouring at 7 p.m. Each $8 ticket is good for one 8 ounce pour.

Resurrection Ale House
The G-Ho watering hole invited 50 regulars and VIPs in for the first pours at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 6. Everyone else is welcomed to come in for a taste at noon. That is provided that theres any left.

South Philadelphia Tap Room
SPTR announced that its putting on the Pliny at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6.

Bishops Collar
According to Drink Philly, the Fairmount bar will tap its keg at 4:20 (its a California thing) p.m. on Wednesday, March 7.

Sidecar Bar and Grille
Another G-Ho fixture has the brew and says its going to start pouring it on Friday, March 9.

Philly Tap Finder says Good Dog, Khyber Pass Pub, Pub on Passyunk East, Tria, Local 44 and Jose Pistolas are among the other area bars that are also holding the Pliny.