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Gird Your Liver: Philly Beer Week Announces This Year’s ‘Opening Tap’

Mayor Nutter, Brewer Brett Kinzer (Stoudts) and Philly Beer Week Executive Director Don RussellPhoto: Michael Persico

The good folks behind Philly Beer Week sent word that this year’s Opening Tap ceremony (tickets on sale now) will take place on Friday, June 1 on the lawn out in front of the Independence Visitor Center. And while bearing witness to Mayor Michael Nutter wielding the mighty Hammer of Glory to pop the bunghole on the first of hundreds of kegs that will be tapped during the ten day celebration of beer, the real star of the show this year will surely be the debut of Dupont Speciale Belge. That’s the ale that Iron Hill brewer Chris LaPierre traveled to Tourpes, Belgium back in February and teamed up with Brasserie Dupont’s Olivier Dedeycker to create. It’s also a first for 167-year-old Brasserie Dupont and was organized by its American importer, Vanberg & DeWulf. 

If You Were Ever Stupid Enough to Think Nutella Was Healthy, You Might Be Owed Some Money

Nutcase wins Nutella suit.

It absolutely kills us to turn on Nutella but ... just in case you were ever misled into thinking that the rich, chocolatey, sinful spread had the same calories as a celery stick (what is wrong with you??), then you should know there's a class-action case you can creep into. NPR reports, "Each claim will pay out up to $20 — that's $4 per jar, on up to five jars — or less, depending on the number of claimants." Contact: Conversely, just be cool. [NPR]

Move Over Pink Slime: Now Granola’s Toxic, Too

Mmm… pesticides

No doubt meat’s been getting a bum rap lately with all this bad news about mad-cow scares, pink slime, and feces-contaminated chickens. But before you get all high and mighty from atop of your tower of tempeh, consider this: Meatless munchies like granola aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. In fact, products from Kashi, the seemingly safe brand of “all natural” cereal and snacks, are loaded with residual toxic pesticides and are all too often wrought with genetically modified soy and corn ingredients. PreventDisease reports that an investigation into the validity of all-natural claims made by Kashi, which is actually a subsidiary of Kellogg's, are mostly bunk.

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Pregnancy Be Damned, Drew Barrymore’s New Wine Hits Stores Next Week

Drew aglow in February.Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

A couple of months back we mentioned that actress Drew Barrymore had parlayed her love of wine-drinking into wine-making. Now we learn that the first bottles of Barrymore Pinot Grigio will go on sale in New York on May 3 for $20 a bottle, and Drew might be a little sad about the timing — given that she won't be able to drink at any of the launch events if the rumors about her being pregnant are true.

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Family at Hungry Jack’s Finds Surprise ‘Package’

Hungry Jack or Horny Jack?

An Australian mum was horrified to find a crude drawing in her hamburger takeout this week. Someone had scribbled a man's private parts — the other, low-hanging fruits — inside her burger box. "If they have drawn that in there, what else have they done to my burger?" the disgusted customer wisely asked. This plus the spitting saga equals a big, fat stay-away-from-fast-food. [The Chronicle]

New Cans Make ‘Shotgunning’ Easier

Down the hatch!Photo: SABMiller

Here’s some good news for folks out there with a propensity for binge drinking: Some genius at SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing (a.k.a. MillerCoors) came up with a way to streamline the consumption of Miller Lite. They’re calling it the “Punch Top Can.” The official word from MillerCoors is that this breakthrough in beer-can technology is designed to increase airflow and reduce “glug” to facilitate a smoother pour. But anyone who’s ever spent time at college fraternity parties, Jets games, or Phish shows will surely recognize it as an air hole that makes shotgunning beers possible. The only difference really is, you no longer need a knife or awl to pierce the can. How’s that for drinking responsibly?

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Spring Chickens No More: Poultry Has a Retirement Program

Urban chicken farming is all the rage, so it makes sense that urban-chicken retirement homes are cool now, too. The New York Times turns into an episode of Portlandia visits Portland to spotlight "blissful, pastoral" resting places for past-their-prime poultry. At these coops, birds chase one another, jump for Cheerios, and are protected from "cockfighting hooligans." They do not play bingo. [NYT]

Pretzel Day Means Free Pretzels

Ordinarily we avoid mentioning gimmicky promos tied to fake food holidays as if they were Steak-Umms a plague. But this being Philly, and today being National Pretzel day, we couldn’t possibly pass. In honor of this twisted day of observation, Philly Pretzel Factory is doling out one free pretzel to everyone and anyone who stops in at one of their locations.

Chris Pratt Has Restaurant-Related Stress Dreams

Anyone who has ever waited tables knows the stress dreams that come with the gig. (If you don't, check out this little roundup of some that servers around the city experience.) Not immune from this phenomenon: Hollywood hotshots. Well, Chris Pratt — Andy on Parks & Recreation, husband of Anna Faris — gets them, anyway. He tells GQ, "They're like the worst nightmare you can have. You're totally in the weeds. You have like six tables. You forgot to put the order in. You're sweating, and you wake up and 'Oh, my God. I'm so glad.'" [GQ, Related]

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