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Julia Child to Get Commemorative Children’s Book, Too

Julia Child's 100th birthday will be one for the books, literally. In addition to that new biography we mentioned last week, another publisher will release a children's book version of Julia's life called Bon Appetit!: The Delicious Life of Julia Child. It's formatted like "a goofy scrapbook, with handwritten anecdotes," as Squid Ink reports, and manages to capture Julia's joie de vivre without ever talking down to the intended audience. Also, it sounds like the book wants to indoctrinate a new generation of American foodinistas into all things gourmet and French, attaching funny stories to cooking moments, like the time Julia pulled a bouquet garni out of a stockpot on air and declared, "It looks like a dead mouse!" As School Library Journal informs us, "Books for young foodies are very popular [right now]." Ugh. [Squid Ink]

Philly’s Drugstore Food Scene Just Got Real

Ever since the months-long “fire sale” ended, there’s not too much going on at the corner of Broad & Chestnut in the former Border’s space. And while rumors of a new tenant have been swirling for a while now, it’s the phrase “drug-store sushi” that caught our attention.

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Nobu’s Mega-Expansion: More Details on the Vegas Hotel and Biggest Restaurant Yet

Matsuhisa and his mock-upPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast

While the Bon Appetit–branded Vegas Uncork'd event unfolded this weekend, Nobu Matsuhisa took advantage of the increased media presence to unveil the first mock-up of Nobu Caesar's Palace, the largest branch of the restaurant yet, with 11,200 square feet and 327 seats. The restaurant is slated to open this fall as part of the Nobu Hotel at Caesar's, which the chef says was inspired by his hotel magnate business partner Robert De Niro.

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Move Over Plastic: Veggies Make it Possible, and Pricey

The amount of waste from things like water bottles always makes for a disheartening statistic. Going to the moon and back on a bridge of non-biodegradable plastic can make even the most avid recycler cringe. But a new trend in plastics could make a dent in the lunar bottle day.

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Restoration Hardware Has Designs on the Restaurant Biz

Pull up a seat!Photo: Restoration Hardware

Oh Pottery Barn, aren't you sorry you didn't think of it first? Restoration Hardware has announced that it's branching out into the restaurant game, and its first location will be in Boston's Back Bay, a neighborhood known for swanky shops a lot like ... Restoration Hardware. Naturally, décor won't be an issue.

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Couch Potatoes: Watching an Hour of Food Network With Mimi Sheraton

Host overload.Photo: Getty Images, Patrick McMullen, Splashnews

No matter what you think of the Food Network, it's arguably the most influential and certainly the loudest voice in today's food-media landscape. With that in mind, we wondered what some of the country's more intellectual food lovers thought of the TV juggernaut. From time to time, we'll invite those people to watch a random, midweek afternoon hour of programming, and record their thoughts in the process. To help us kick things off: former New York Times restaurant critic — and never one to mince words — Mimi Sheraton.

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LaBan Gives Two Bells for Fairmount’s Hickory Lane; Cherry Hill’s Sang Kee Noodle CafĂ© Delivers an ‘Onslaught of Deliciousness’

• LaBan strolls down memory lane on his way to Fairmount. He talks up Hickory Lane Chef, Matt Zagorski’s professional pedigree. And he swoons over the memory of Rouge burgers past before promptly going into chastise-mode. He knocked the “Mr. Science” kit of techniques that he said are used as “obligatory trappings of ambitious young chefs who want to be known as “serious” — no matter if the results looks like a soapy hair treatment.” A lack of ice for the BYO cocktails also left LaBan wanting. But in what he calls “Zagorski’s secret trump,” the Hickory burger’s “beefy swagger” was enough to ring the bell twice for Fairmount’s Hickory Lane. [Inquirer]

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Cook of Mormon: A Look at Mitt Romney’s Religious Diet

Is that a veggie burger?Photo: AP

As we all know by now, Mitt Romney is a Mormon. And so while it's possible to spot Barack Obama inhaling fried food or grabbing a quick beer, well, you won't spy Mitt engaging in such indulgences. In fact, as we noted a few weeks ago, Romney is even a sourpuss picnic guest. (He tried to turn the tide a bit by proclaiming his love for grits and catfish, but nobody bought it.) But we say, "Hey, it's not Mitt's fault." It's no wonder he's so stiff: The guy's diet is totally restrictive because Mormonism forbids ingesting substances that could become addictive. You'd be in a bad mood, too, if you couldn't get drunk or guzzle coffee! So just how tough is it to eat like Mitt? Sounds like the answer is very.

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New, Possibly Dangerous, Sprays Let People Avoid Hassle of Eating and Drinking

So there’s been lots of hubbub about a new, not-available-in-America, spray-buzz that gives users the sensation of being intoxicated without the need to actually hav a drink. But according to the manufacturer’s site, the spray “does not stimulate drunkenness.” It’s actually to avoid drunkenness, sort of.

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Introducing the Skinny Slurpee

7-Eleven's usual tactics for upping frozen treat sales include free Slurpee days and putting mom-and-pops out of business. But now USA Today writes that the Slurpee will soon be available in a Splenda version that has a mere twenty calories in an eight-ounce cup, versus 66 normally (though who actually only buys the eight-ounce size?). Low-cal flavors mango, strawberry banana, and cherry limeade will roll out by free Slurpee day on May 23 — mark your calendars. [USAT]

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