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Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain eats a hot dog somewhere other than Philly.

Anthony Bourdain eats a hot dog somewhere other than Philly.Photo: Melissa Hom

Is it possible that after all these years Anthony Bourdain is finally shooting a Philly episode for one of his TV shows? Maybe. Eater reports that he was spotted last night taking in The Dark Knight Rises at the Pearl on North Broad Street. Perhaps that means that it doesn’t “suck so badly.” To find out if he’s really in the 215, we rang him this morning. Of course he wasn’t available. But his assistant confirmed that the star of No Reservations and The Layover was indeed in town. Why? She’s not saying.

But we’re assuming that it’s TV-related, and all the secrecy is an effort to thwart another fiasco like the one The Layover crew recently encountered in Chicago.

You’ll recall that Bourdain told us last year that he was awfully eager to shoot a Philly-based episode for No Reservations. Those hopes were dashed when it was announced that he was departing the Travel Channel for another gig with CNN. In that conversation that we had with him, he mentioned the city’s Italian and Vietnamese options as possible fodder, and on Twitter gave a shoutout to Marc Vetri for the “great things” he’s heard about his restaurants.

We’d love to see him dive face first into one of those roasted pig’s heads served at Osteria and Alla Spina.

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