Old City Loses a Douche Bar; Could a Steakhouse Go Next?

Mad River's Manayunk location.

Could fights, shootings, and all around rampant drunken bad behavior be taking its toll on Old City? Possibly. One of the nightlife nerve center’s douchiest of douche hangs, Mad River, went dark this week after eight years on the 100 block of Chestnut Street. No explanation is given, but the Mad River website urges folks to check out the Main Street Manayunk location. And now it looks as if the neighborhood’s more unsavory elements could be chipping away at another business. The Insider today reports that Reserve, the posh steakhouse that just opened back in February is going up on the block. Again, there’s not much of reason given, but we suspect that those who crowd the bars in that part of time probably have little to no interest in shelling $24 and up for extravagant steaks. [Mad River; Insider]

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