Heroic Hot Dogs Help Nab Pennypack Park Wolf-Dog

Here wolfie, wolfie, wolfie

Hot dogs are no longer simply just fodder for grilling while we celebrate our liberty. No, the lowly links of encased mystery meats have been elevated to hero status this week, after Pennsylvania Game Commission officers employed them in their successful efforts to apprehend the elusive wolf-dog hybrid that’s been keeping local media atwitter since it was first spotted near Pennypack Park more than a week ago. After attempts to capture the fearsome beast with tranquilizer darts and cage traps proved fruitless, wildlife experts used ordinary wieners and foot traps to take the wolf-dog into custody, NBC Philly reports. Seems the imposing pooch had grown accustomed to regular frankfurter feedings courtesy of humane neighbors who were more concerned with creature’s well-being than becoming its prey. Following its weenie roast, the wolf-dog was snatched up and safely transferred to a wolf sanctuary near Lancaster. [NBC Philly]

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