Barclay Prime’s $100 Cheesesteak Gets a Swanky Upgrade

No Whiz wit this one.

Barclay Prime’s cheesesteak has undergone some revisions since the restaurant first launched back in October of 2004, but two things have remained the same: It sets you back a C-note, and it’s always served with champagne. Like the sandwich itself, which has seen its foie gras replaced with butter-poached lobster, and later switched back again, the choice of champagne has varied over the years. Baller bubbly like Veuve Cliquot, Laurent-Perrier, Perrier-Jouet and more have all been paired with the cheesesteak in the past. But according to Starr insiders, as of today, the all-about-the-Benjamins heap of Waygu beef will be served with Dom Pérignon (Vintage 2000, of course). All the more reason to go and blow a hundred bucks, right?

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