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Secret Suppers: 8 Amazing Off-Menu Dishes

Veal fricassee from McCrossen's Tavern

There are a million dishes in the naked city, but not all of them are listed on menus. And there’s no single answer why chefs and restaurateurs keep these secrets. Some are things that were replaced in menu updates, but remain tastes that loyal customers can’t live with out; other are simply special plates reserved for celebrities, high rollers and dearly loved regulars. In an attempt to shed light on the practice of ordering off of the menu, we’ve assembled a collection of some of the city’s best kept edible secrets. Click through, take a peek, and let us know with a comment which ones pique your interest the most.

And when you're doing looking at the best of what we have to offer, check out the off-menu selections in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, too.

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