Sushi Pop-Up at Franklin’s Signals the Inevitable Passing of the Pop-Up Trend

Pop-Up Worhty? Photo: iStockPhoto

Far too few have actually spouted here for us to earnestly roll our eyes at the idea, but we suspect that even here in Philly, where martinis and swing dancing still somehow manage to cling to some sense of cultural significance, the pop-up trend is going the way of the Korean taco. If Makiman Sushis pop-up Thursday at Franklins in East Falls isnt proof that this practice of setting up a fly-by-night dinner operation in the confines of another restaurant is losing its luster, we dont know what is. Dont get us wrong. Makimans sushi is wonderful, and Franklins is a fine local watering hole, albeit a noisy one with skeeball and 25-cent wing nights. Its just that neither bring to the table anything exciting or new, which is at least half of what makes pop-ups fun. If Makimans crew rolled in and knocked out a killer izakaya menu, or better yet, if the Franklins fryer jockeys took over Makiman, and turned out Buffalo maki rolls and sashimi poppers that might actually be pretty cool.