Tapestry Closes Again

Will it reopen?

We were told that Tapestry’s closing last month would only be temporary, and last we checked there seemed to be some signs of life at the corner of Fifth and Bainbridge. But alas, once again it’s gone dark. And for the second time in just a few weeks, the word is that it’s not permanent. Eater yesterday said that the spot, which formerly housed Adsum before its abrupt closure, was gone for good. The Insider fired back, reporting that the closing would be short-term, while the Belvedere Business Group’s Rich Rivera and Rob Nydick await a liquor license transfer. And that liquor license, Phillymag reports, could expire at the end of this month, if Tapestry partner Kar Vivekananthan doesn’t cough up $30,000 in back taxes he owes the state. Bottom line is, you’re guess is as good as ours about when, or even if it reopens. [Eater; Foobooz]

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