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Frito-Lay Lovers Are Apathetic and Conservative; Chipotle Leans Liberal

Chili dogs: a bipartisan treat.Photo: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Why are Obama and Romney spending so much time chowing down at random pizzerias and swanky fundraisers when this kind of intelligence is available? Digital agency Engage, using polling data and the (very scientific) method of analyzing "likes" on Facebook, has compiled charts with Buzzfeed that correlate fast-food preferences with politics and likelihood to vote. Basically the whole thing is a cluster—seems most people who love fast food also don't know who the hell to vote for—with a few notable exceptions.

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Check It Out: L.A. Immortalizes Garces With a ‘Jose-O-Lantern’

Jose-O-LanternPhoto: Tatiana Arbogast

Jose Garces, who’s been trucking The Latin Road Home pretty much non-stop for the past fifteen days, stopped off in L.A. Monday, giving rise once again to rumors that he’s bringing a restaurant there. In support of his newly launched book, his Iron-ness lit up La La Land with a five-course dinner, complete with a whole-roasted suckling pig that Grub L.A. reports had Manhattan Beach neighbors calling the cops on Strand House chef and host, Neal Fraser. Say what you will about Angelenos, their tans, and supposed superficial tendencies, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more welcoming and sincere reception than the "Jose-O-Lantern" that one of the restaurant’s managers carved in honor of the Garces visit. [Grub Street L.A.]

Cantina Feliz Still In the Dark in Fort Washington

Even without power the skeletons keep on smiling.

While many of the restaurants in these parts fared far better than those in New York during Sandy’s debilitating tirade on the Northeast corridor, not all were completely spared. Tim Spinner and Brian Sirhal, owners of Cantina Feliz, La Calaca Feliz, and the forthcoming Taqueria Feliz, are saying that the Feliz flagship in Fort Washington is still without power, and will most likely remain closed until tomorrow night. So that means there won’t be any Halloween celebrations there, nor will Spinner’s Dia de los Muertos tasting menu be served tonight. Those seeking a Feliz fix are encouraged to check out La Calaca Feliz in Fairmount. [Cantina Feliz/Facebook]

Before Stephen Starr Started Opening Restaurants, Philly Used to Roll Up the Sidewalks at Dusk

“Stephen Starr may be many things—oddly elusive for being so omnipresent, occasionally brusque, relentlessly restless—but there’s no denying he’s one of the most brilliant innovators we have. The man is an urban planning genius. He’s a real estate visionary. He’s an alchemist of ambience. Center City as we know it today simply wouldn’t exist without him.” — Kirsten Henri on making the case for Stephen Starr as a true innovator. [Phillymag]

Sandy’s Wrath a Logistical Nightmare For Mega Beer Distributor Shangy’s

Shangy's: All brewed up, and no place to go.Photo: dmuth via Flickr

Though the storm has passed and much of the flooding is receding, there’s still torrents of bad news pooling in the wake of super-storm Sandy. For this bummer, you may want to sit down. Apparently Shangy’s, the colossal beer wholesaler just north of us in Emmaus, is still without electricity. Much worse, according to a tweet from Joe Sixpack this morning, the absence of electricity there is preventing the mega-distributor from getting its gates open, and its delivery trucks out on the streets. And that means that a ton of bars, restaurants, bottle shops and, yes, even other beer distributors, throughout the region will be hard pressed to restock as their deliciously drinkable inventory shrinks. Yikes! Here’s hoping the power comes back soon. [Joe Sixpack/Twitter]

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