Give Philly Photo Day Something to Chew On

Click, click, snap, snap Photo: iStockPhoto

Rather than say cheese for Philly Photo Day, why not go to Di Bruno Bros., and snap a picture of the stuff? Or for that matter, how bout a cheese plate at Talulas Garden? Or a box of Federal Donuts elusive fried chicken, just to prove it really exists? Since the food and drinks we love so much here play such an integral roll in our citys cultural identity, we believe that it should be a constant thread running through the Philadelphia Photo Arts Centers crowd-sourced, day-in-the-life snapshot of the city. You have until midnight tonight to snap a photo, and until Tuesday to upload it to the PPACs website. Photos submitted will be part of an exhibit that starts on December 6. Some of the best ones will be chosen to grace the sides of SEPTA buses, trains and billboards all over town. Cmon, what are you waiting for? Its not like you werent already going Instagram what youre eating anyway.