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Movember and Spirit Month Kick Off Tonight

Frankford Hall

Today being the first of November means two things. One: It’s the kickoff off of Movember, the annual drive for dudes to sprout mustaches to help draw attention to prostate and testicular cancer, as well as other men’s health issues. Stephen Starr’s Frankford Hall is providing free shaves tonight for those interested in starting off with a clean slate. And it’s also the start of Spirit Month. That’s Starr’s month-long celebration of locally distilled booze at OG Continental in Old City. All month long drinks mixed, stirred, shaken and poured with homegrown hooch, like those from Philadelphia Distilling Company, Art In the Age, and Cooper Spirits (what, no Jacquin's?) will be served for $4 a piece. And as an added incentive, snap a picture of your Spirit Month drink, and Instagram it with the #ContinentalOldCity hashtag, and you will be rewarded with a gift. [Drink Philly; Zagat]

Bourdain Reflects on No Reservations Ahead of Its Finale

He just might be his own worst critic.Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

We’ve already heard plenty about what Anthony Bourdain doesn’t like about television’s food programming. And we’ve also heard almost as much about what he does like. However, what we’ve never gotten a definitive word on is what he thinks about his own show. Ahead of Monday’s big finale, he took to Tumblr today to reflect on just that. And based upon the sheer length of the post, it’s obvious that he put a lot of time into mulling over all 140 episodes. In his self-assessment, he gives high marks to last season’s holiday special, mostly because it fulfilled his goal of causing “terror and confusion” among network executives.

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Atlantic City’s Hospitality Industry Ruined in Sandy’s Wake

Revel just can't seem to get a break.Photo: Revel

Sandy’s flood waters may be rolling back out to sea, but the dark clouds over Atlantic City will likely continue casting gloom there for weeks, if not months to come. The Jersey Shore resort’s casinos, which have all been closed since Sunday, are reportedly losing as much as $5 million in revenue for each day they are out of commission. The 14,000-plus service staff members who have been out of work for just as long can't recoup lost wages or tips, either. And now Wall Street analysts estimate huge losses — some as deep as 10 percent — for the year.

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New Romney Ad Blames Obama for Barbecue Restaurant Closure

Thanks a lot, Obama!Photo: BBQ Geek

In a last-ditch attempt to appear human, Mitt Romney has exploited found a shuttering barbecue restaurant and managed to pin the blame for their downfall on President Obama. In a hard-hitting video, Bill's Barbecue president Rhoda Elliott tells the sad story of the Richmond institution's closure, pinning the blame on Obama's inattention to small businesses. "Bill's Barbecue couldn't take four years under President Obama. Can we afford four more?" the video demands. It's a tear-jerker. The video pans across empty booths, a barren countertop, and a vacant parking lot. The camera even lingers over a sad-looking pie.

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Holey Expansion!!!: Federal Donuts Expects to Open 10 Locations by 2015

More locations means more doughnuts!Photo: Collin Keefe

Michael Solomonov wasn’t just pulling our chain when he told us at the opening of Center City’s Federal Donuts that he and his partners expected to roll out more locations of their smash hit doughnuts, coffee and fried chicken concept. If anything, he was down playing the immensity of the deep fried federation’s grand scheme. In today’s Inky, critic Craig LaBan sheds some light on just how far-reaching that expansion plan stretches. While Capt. Solo leaves it at “big enough… where we can have delivery guys in chicken suits scooting around town on mopeds fueled by recycled fryer oil,” Steve Cook reels it in, saying they hope to open two locations a year, or have 10 total by 2015. Or whichever comes first. By our estimates, that means there will be a Federal Donuts on every corner by 2020. [Inquirer]

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