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Fork’s Eli Kulp Bringing In Some Heavy Hitters For a Collaboration in Honor of Fabrizia Lanza’s Visit

Fork chef Eli Kulp

This year for famed Sicilian cooking instructor Fabrizia Lanza’s annual stop at Old City’s Fork, newly appointed executive chef Eli Kulp has assembled a virtual a-team of local culinary talent to prepare a collaborative dinner in honor of her visit on Tuesday, November 13. Lanza is daughter of Anna Tasca Lanza, the late founder of the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School located on the Tasca d'Almerita family estate in Sicily. For her visit, Kulp is bringing in Joey Baldino from Collingswood, New Jersey’s well-received Sicilian stronghold, Zeppoli, and Fork alum Andrew Wood, who is now chef and co-owner of the Center City BYOB Russet.

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Where to Go Gobbling Ahead of Thanksgiving

Turkey and all the rest of the Thanksgiving jive.Photo: Romulo Yanes

Thanksgiving’s still about two weeks out, but you can start getting a taste for the holiday feast now, thanks to some of the city’s more enterprising culinary pilgrims. For your consideration, and obviously to help whet your appetite for the gluttonous festivities that lie ahead, we present six riffs on the turkey day spread that range from hot dogs, to overstuffed croquettes, and hoagies. Click through, check them out, and get gobbling.

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Taco Bell Menu Turning Increasingly Experimental, Strange-Sounding

We're not even sure what this is.

As you no doubt know, Taco Bell is killing it with those Doritos Loco tacos, and apparently the success is giving the chain the confidence to go even more loco on its menu. Today Advertising Age runs down all the crazy crap Taco Bell is working on to further the success of its hybrid snacks. In addition to a bunch of desserts — caramel-filled empanadas, churros that look like a take on cheese twists, an triangular ice cream sandwich — there's also a forthcoming series of snacks known as "Loaded Grillers," which will wrap entire servings of nachos and baked potatoes in tortillas for its loaded customers. The Gut-Bust-y approach isn't going unnoticed by the competition.

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Bourdain and Ripert’s ‘Good & Evil’ Chocolate Bar to Make Its Debut

Good & Evil: Anthony Bourdain and Eric RipertPhoto: Melissa Hom

Just as we’d suspected, that “mysterious” Good & Evil chocolate bar that’s co-opted the schtick that Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert put forth in their traveling Good vs. Evil roadshow, makes its big debut at this weekend’s Salon du Chocolat. Philadelphia’s Inquirer spills the beans on the the bar, which is the culmination of more than a year’s work from Ripert and Pennsylvania-based chocolatier Christopher Curtin’s Eclat. To create it, the two trekked deep into jungles of Peru in search of an elusive type of wild-growing cacao believed extinct since 1916.

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: And We’re Off!

Some hopefuls, and their omelettes.Photo: Bravo

Most TV shows would kill for Top Chef’s reputation: In its tenth season, it continues to represent an upper-middlebrow trashy sensibility that purees accessibility, celebrity, and actual talent in a back-stabbery broth of semi-sophistication. Let us sup together!

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Party Like It’s 2009: Percy Street Rolls Back to Opening Day Prices For Its Third Anniversary

The bar at Percy StreetPhoto: Kirsten Henri

Unfortunately, we don't have anything to report today about Federal Donuts, Zahav, nor newly opened Citron and Rose. However, we can tell you that Cook+Solo’s Percy Street BBQ is offering an all-night happy hour in honor of its third anniversary tonight, and rolling prices on its Texas-style barbecue dishes back to where they were on opening day in 2009. Colorado’s Oskar Blues is crashing the bash, and in honor of its tenth anniversary, will be offering its beers for $3 a can. There will also be dancing, rock-country-and-blues jams courtesy of John Francis and the Midnight Choir, and a massive beer-drinking cow-shaped cake. The fun starts at 5 p.m. and goes to 11 p.m.

FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver Used to Run a Burrito Blog

The burrito bracketologist.Photo: Christopher Anderson/ Magnum

Two billion dollars spent on it and no one noticed this until the day after the election? Apparently. Nate Silver, the New York Times statistician (of FiveThirtyEight blog) whose predictions reached Wine Spectator-ish absurdities of precision ("Based on his necktie, I have upgraded President Obama's chances of being reelected to 77.83% from 77.82%") but proved, in the end, to be spookily accurate, was a baseball stat geek before a political one, but before that, he was ... a Chicago burrito stat geek, a fact buried in an Advertising Age feature on him. Wait, what stats do burritos produce, you ask? Well, none, unless you generate them, which he did at a blog called the Burrito Bracket in 2007, comparing burritos and other Mexican fast food in his then-Wicker Park vicinity in an NCAA-style competition.

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