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White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles Exist

Limited edition.Photo: Courtesy Kellogg's

Here's the first sign that a White Chocolate Peppermint Pringles flavor does, in fact, exist. Legend says a crack team of snack researchers engineered these chips to evoke a one-night stand between a naïve Idaho potato and a semi-tragic, cocoa-buttery candy cane with an indistinguishable accent. Was that Finnish she was spoke? We'll never know. Anyhow, these chips are apparently keeping their holiday-themed brethren flavor Cinnamon Sugar in good company on grocery-store shelves across the nation. There's also a Pumpkin Pie Spice kind, but you must travel to Wal-Mart for that one.

Poisonous Mushroom Soup Kills Two at Northern California Nursing Home

Don't even think about it.

This past weekend brought another cautionary tale for all amateur foragers out there: Two elderly women died and four other people were sickened after consuming some wild mushroom soup at an assisted living facility in Placer County, California. Barbara Lopes, 86, and Teresa Olesniewicz, 73, both died Friday, and the caregiver who harvested the mushrooms and made the soup was also hospitalized, along with three others.

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Anthony Bourdain Is Still Pretty Angry About That Whole Cadillac Thing

"Though not quite a virgin, I have tried to remain fairly pure."Photo: Sean Mathis/WireImage

The reason Anthony Bourdain tweeted a fist-full of expletives at the Travel Channel and Cadillac last week on the night of the No Reservations series finale is simply because Anthony Bourdain does not sell out. "It was clearly expressed in writing," he explains on Tumblr today, "clearly understood and agreed to that I would not use or mention any products in my show and my name and image would not be used in connection with any products in return for anything of value or any other consideration without my specific agreement." The chef and TV personality also apologizes to any of the car manufacturer's assembly line workers he may have inadvertantly offended. [Anthony Bourdain/Tumblr, Earlier]

Jake’s Restaurant and Cooper’s Wine Bar Rock New Looks and New Menus In Manayunk

Jake's Restaurant and Cooper's Wine Bar

OG Manayunker, Jake’s Restaurant, which just wrapped its 25th anniversary celebrations, and its younger sidekick Cooper’s Wine Bar, both recently underwent some big changes. Chef and owner Bruce Cooper revamped the restaurant, and simultaneously updated the menus and wine lists that it shares with its casual wine bar offspring. Interior upgrades included gutting, rebuilding and reshuffling Jake’s dining room, the addition of a glassed-in wine room, tables up front, and a large booth. Additions to the menu include stuffed Cavendish Farm quail breasts with chicken apple sausage, white bean puree with smoked bacon, and pear walnut chutney; grilled calves’ liver with apple potato hash, smoked bacon, asparagus, onion jam, and red wine demi; and a brick oven-roasted whole Bronzino with lemon herbed stuffing, fennel confit. Check out the full board straight ahead.

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‘Seasoning and Execution’ Need Straightening Out at The Industry; Veggies Upstage ‘Wimpy’ Mahi Mahi at Blue2O

• Though Pennsport’s Industry extends an extra-warm welcome to those serving in the hospitality trade’s trenches, Craig LaBan says “you don't have to be a saucier, table-turner, or cocktail-slinger to feel at home” there. Just as long as you’re not squeamish about the menu being “dotted with crispy pig ears, spicy sweetbreads, roasted marrow bones, and chicharrones.” Though chef Patrick Szoke’s menu is “fun and adventurous,” LaBan thinks that “stray details of seasoning and execution” need straightening out before it can assume higher ranking in our “gastropub pecking order.” [Inquirer]

• Adam Erace makes a “long-awaited return” to Cherry Hill seafooder Blue2O, and reports that the crisp “Peking” calamari averts being passe only because the squid was “so nicely cooked.” The same wasn’t true for the dishes that followed. The “wimpiest fillets of mahi mahi” were “upstaged” by “wok-fried veggies.” A hardwood-fired “simply done” sea bass was marred by a “a greasy citrus-thyme butter.” [Courier-Post]

Yes Virginia, There Will Be Plenty of Mad Elf to Go Around This Holiday Season

It's the most woderful time of the year.Photo: Collin Keefe

Too early to be thinking about holiday drinking? This case of Mad Elf spotted at Bella Vista Beer Distributor over the weekend says otherwise. The release of the cult favorite yuletide sipper from Tröegs Brewing Company means the most wonderful time of the year is on. Whether or not you’re ready for it. But before you go freaking out about how you’re going to get some before stocks of the seasonal brew run out — and eventually they will — know that this year the Troegner brothers have upped the output, brewing 1,400 additional barrels of the honey and cherry-laden Belgian strong ale. Tröegs spokesman Jeff Herb tells Grub that the company’s move from Harrisburg last year to a larger facility in Hershey means they can make a lot more Mad Elf. “Believe it or not, a lot of it’s already sold before we even start shipping it,” Herb told us. “Our larger production facility definitely helps us keep up with the demand.”

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Blimey! Brit Pub Going Into Former Swanky Bubbles Space

The new joint will have beer.

And so ends the sad saga of Swanky Bubbles, the outmoded , late-nineties holdover in Old City that Spike TV show Bar Rescue tried its darnedest to resuscitate last year. The Insider reports that the space, which has been dark since November 2011 — that’s just seven months after bar-rescuer Jon Taffer and crew rechristened the place Sheer — is set become Brit pub The Victoria Freehouse. Perry Golia, who owns Haddonfield, NJ’s British Chip Shop, is teaming with Tria alum Edward Strojan to bring it to life. They’re shooting for a March opening. Oddly enough, in spite of being named the America’s worst Irish bar, and a mountain of other tax and financial woes, Downey’s, which received the Bar Rescue a week before Swanky Bubbles, is still in action. [Insider]

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