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Of Course European Dairy Farmers Riot With Milk-Filled Hoses

Dangerous for the lactose intolerant, and possibly Cap'n Crunch.Photo: Geert Vanden Wijngaert / AP

If you're like us, you've always wondered what it'd be like to wield a fire hose full of Belgian cow milk against a squad of cops in riot gear. Well, the European Milk Board "unleashed torrents of milk" today outside the European Parliament in Brussels in protest of quotas and unfair pricing schematics, which they say are putting small farmers out of business. Hundreds of tractors were moved into the city center during the protests, and hay bales and tires have been set on fire. Dairy producers sprayed hundreds of gallons of the full-fat stuff at the government building complex, splashing police and passersby in the process. If you happen to be in Brussels, the farmers plan on protesting outside of Parliament until tomorrow afternoon. Bring chocolate syrup. [NBCNews, Related]

Fergie’s Pub Celebrates Its 18th Anniversary Tonight

Fergie and Wajih

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Before Fergie’s Pub there was nothing. At least not in what’s now known as Midtown Village. Back in 1994 when former McGlinchey’s barkeep Fergus “Fergie” Carey, and Bookbinders’ barman Wajih Abed opened shop near 13th and Sansom, there were no critically acclaimed restaurants from empire builders Stephen Starr, Marc Vetri, and Marcie Turney lining the streets. Just porn shops, strip joints, and adult cinemas interspersed with vacant storefronts. Now its a bustling nerve center of commerce and culture, dotted with nationally renowned restaurants, and stylish boutiques. And we have visionary trailblazers Carey and Abed to thank for it. Tonight Fergie’s Pub celebrates its 18th anniversary, beginning at 7 p.m. Stop in, grab a drink and raise a toast to the pub’s longevity and success as the anchor in the neighborhood’s amazing transformation.

Fette Sau ‘Worthy of Praise’; ‘Inventive Sandwiches’ Are ‘the Best Reason’ to Visit Blue Belly BBQ

• At Fette Sau, Adam Erace picks the rubbed and smoked pork belly as his “favorite” of the Brooklyn export’s by-the-pound meats. Beyond the “worthy of praise” smoked meats, American whiskeys, and Mason jar beers, he found the staff “disarmingly warm, without any of the too-cool-for-school attitude their American Apparel-model looks imply.” [Citypaper]

• Though the “meat portions aren't especially generous” at Bella Vista’s Blue Belly BBQ, Craig LaBan fell for the Painted Hills brisket, which he writes was “tender and earthy from its crusty rub,” but “also moist enough to puddle growl-inducing juices” on the brown-papered tray it’s served on. The “ruby-rare venison loin streaked with tangy dark pomegranate sauce” served as another “platter highlight,” but ultimately, it’s the “inventive sandwiches” that give the “best reason to visit.” [Inquirer]

Sycamore’s Sam Jacobson Announces That He’s Moving On

Sam Jacobson

Exactly what’s in store at recently shuttered NoBL when — or if — it reopens remains up in the air. But one thing that’s for certain is, Chef Sam Jacobson won’t be on board. The chef took to social media over the weekend to announce that he was stepping down from Sycamore, NoBL’s sister restaurant just down the street, where he’s headed the kitchen for the almost four years. Both restaurants are owned by Stephen Wagner. Insider reports that Wagner hasn’t announced yet who will fill Jacobson’s shoes. There’s also no word on where the chef will turn up next. [Insider]

Earlier: NoBL Closes For a Do-Over

Oh Deer: Hunting Season Opens With Warnings About Chronic Wasting Disease

Deer down

Though evidence suggests humans can’t contract chronic wasting disease from consuming the flesh of an animal sickened with the fatal neurological disease, Pennsylvania Game Commission officials today aren’t taking any chances on it spreading through the state’s wild deer populations as whitetail season opens for hunting with firearms. According to the AP, the state is requiring hunters take deer from parts of York and Adams counties to get the carcasses tested for the disease, and issuing warnings about taking extra precautions when field-dressing deer, and shooting only deer that look healthy. Earlier this year the contagious disease turned up in captive herds, but its yet to be found in the wild. [AP via Pocono Record]

Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Cheese Ball Sophistication and Undercooked Kale

Emeril is not nearly so excited about that turkey.Photo: Bravo

Can we talk about cheese balls? When I was a kid, cheese balls were a gooey talisman of sophistication, a sure sign that I was at a grown-up party featuring classical music and debates about Rite I Eucharist versus Rite II Eucharist. So naturally, this Thanksgiving, I brought a cheese ball to the table in order to class up the proceedings. It had been years since I’d partaken of a cheese ball’s pleasures; I was excited!

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