Union Trust and Butcher & the Brewer Closings Make It a Bad Week For Meat

The Butcher & Brewer's predecessor The Boilermaker Photo: Collin Keefe

As if Union Trusts closing wasnt enough of an all-beef bummer for the carnivores amongst us, last night brought word of yet another meltdown in the meat sector. The Butcher & The Brewer, the flesh-forward follow-up to the short-lived Boilermaker on 11th Street, is calling it quits after service on Saturday. In a statement issued by B+B parent, the Grainery Restaurant Group, the abrupt ending is blamed on the buildings sale. But the Insiders reporting that LCB records show the restaurants liquor license in the inactive category. The statement also says that staff will be transferred over to the companys other venture, Farmers Cabinet. But theres signs of trouble there, too.

LCB records have that restaurant's liquor licenses in limbo as well.

Surely theres been no shortage of drama from Grainery Restaurant Group since it arrived on the scene here back in the fall of 2010 with East Falls Fork & Barrel. That closed unexpectedly just weeks after Farmers Cabinet debut in March 2011. And with its end came word of another surprise closing, Tap & Table, which the group owned in Emmaus, PA. Then news surfaced of two restaurants that the owners never delivered on in New Hope, and yet another unexpected closing in Rehoboth, DE. Then theres that too-good-to-be-true beer-hall-tiki-bar-micro-distillery concept that never materialized at Sixth and Spring Garden streets. And the nano-brewery that never happened at Farmers Cabinet, but went online for a minute in Virginia, before it too closed. It should be interesting to see where this saga goes next. Stay tuned.

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