NoBL Closes For a Do-Over

NoBL Photo: NoBL

Its a drag when a restaurant, its concept and menus fail to make a connection with diners and critics. But theres something to be said for an owner who can recognize that things arent working, and change course to avert an impending train wreck. That appears to be the case at Lansdownes NoBL, the offshoot of owner Steve Wagner and chef Sam Jacobsons neighboring Sycamore. Both Foobooz and Insider are reporting that in the wake of a lukewarm reception, and a dismal, one-bell review from the Inkys Craig LaBan, the restaurant closed. The good news is, Wagner and Jacobson expect to reopen after a careful review and overhaul of operations. Theres no word on when it will reopen, but heres hoping its soon. [Foobooz; Insider]