Full-Service Cafeterias Cooking Again at Some Philly Public Schools

Looks appetizing, huh?

Though it’s hardly the Eatiquette model of cafeteria operations that Marc Vetri came up with, the ever embattled Philadelphia School District recently took a huge step toward improving the quality, and nutritional integrity of meals it serves to students. According to the Inky, schools began re-staffing cafeterias at 10 schools, and preparing lunches on site. During the 2010-2011 school year, the district shut down cafeteria kitchens at three-quarters of the city’s public schools in an effort to offset colossal budget shortfalls. In lieu of meals prepared on site, the district contracted with a service that trucked in pre-packaged lunches from New York. And, not surprisingly, the kids hated them, and most reportedly ended up in the trash. Just as Vetri maintains, children know, and respond to fresh-cooked meals with reputable and recognizable ingredients. There’s no doubt this is a huge improvement, but with only 10 schools’ cafeterias back in action, there’s still a long way to go. [Inquirer]

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