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Peter McAndrews Upgrades the Menus at Fairmount’s Brigid’s

Peter McAndrews

Peter McAndrews, last seen in The Layover hoisting shots of Jameson at Dirty Frank’s with Anthony Bourdain, recently stepped in at venerable Fairmount watering hole Brigid’s to work a little bit of his magic on the beer bar and bistro’s menu. Insider reports that the new menu he came up with was introduced earlier this week. With pastas, antipasti, cicchetti, and larger Italian-influenced entrees, it reads like a “best of” compiled from McAndrews restaurants. About all that’s missing are Paesano’s gut-busting sandwiches, and La Porta’s pizzas. [Insider]

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There’s ‘Beefy Stupendousness’ In Bubba’s Texas BBQ’s Brisket; Relocated and Downsized Fish Serves a ‘Solid Meal’

• The barbecued brisket at Bubba’s Texas BBQ in Fishtown is “beefy stupendousness,” according to Brian Freedman. He also vouches for the smoked sausage, which he says has a “balance of smoke and spice-heat” that’s “pitch perfect.” Over-charring in the ribs department however, was one of the “very few slip-ups.” [PW]

• Caroline Russock gathers the motley crew sandwich brain trust of Eli Kulp, Tom Lax, Scott Schroeder and Hawk Krall for a tour of the city’s between-bread delights, and determines that Pat’s and Geno’s should only be patronized at “4 o’clock in the morning,” Cosmi’s “has good cheesesteaks,” and Chink’s cheesesteaks and black and white milkshakes produce the “most perfect stomachache ever.” [Citypaper]

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Western Hemisphere’s Largest Cheese, and Its Dancing Team, Arrive in Boston

A scene from last year's cheese ceremony.Photo: Lyons PR

Be jealous: Boston is now home to one of the world's largest hunks of cheese. The 400-pound Crucolo from northern Italy, which we told you last month is as tall as a typical 4-year-old child and is rather mild, lands at the Concord Cheese Shop this afternoon — the only place in the country to carry this, the Western Hemisphere's largest fromage. As befits such an occasion, there will be a parade involving cheese-wielding teens.

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Bad Pipes Are the Least of Union Trust’s Troubles

Could complete liquidation be next?

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that there’s no hope for beleaguered — not to mention padlocked — Union Trust turning back the tide on the deluge of debt that’s put the multimillion dollar steakhouse under water. Foobooz today reports that the future of the restaurant and its assets now rests in the hands of the federal government, which has put forth a motion to dismiss its current state of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Whether that protection from its creditors will be removed, or shifted to Chapter 7, and complete liquidation remains to be seen. A hearing to determine that is scheduled for January. One thing is for certain though, it will never serve another grossly marked-up dry-aged beef rib-eye. [Foobooz]

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Vegan Sushi and Artisanally Candied Salmon

Don't get any ideas, Photoshoppers of the world.Photo: Bravo

According to Padma, there are fourteen “cheftestants” remaining. (My count was closer to 15,619, but what do I know?) Josh broods over his inconsistent performance thus far — is his cartoon-undertaker’s mustache sapping his power? Meanwhile, Tyler, ever doleful, steels himself for future disappointment. He vows to “continue to do the best I can.” I’ve seen a fair amount of reality TV and am pretty familiar with the standard “types” of characters — Tyler’s self-hating, hangdog persona feels unusually sincere and fragile. He’s my favorite cheftestant.

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Apparently Someone Found a Black Widow Spider in Her Bag of Organic Whole Foods Grapes

Someone get this spider a book deal.

This 27-year-old yoga instructor was about to start snacking on some organic grapes purchased from a Whole Foods in Fairfield, Connecticut, when she noticed a little Charlotte's Web action happening within. It turns out that a potentially deadly black widow spider had stowed away inside the bag, perhaps in Mexico, where the grapes were grown. Nora Weiss reacted by calmly posting a Facebook message that read: "Attention all Fairfield Whole Foods Customers!!!! I just found a black widow spider in my Sunview Organic Table Grapes bag!!!! If you just bought or will be buying these grapes or any other produce from them, carefully inspect and wash them with rubber gloves!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Totally freaked me out!" A day later, Weiss says no harm, no foul, and wishes the spider the safest of travels and the best of luck. "My boyfriend let it go outside,'' she tells the Connecticut Post. "That's how we live. It's a living animal and we have no hard feelings.'' [CT Post]

Starr Bringing El Vez to New York’s Financial District

Stephen Starr

Just as Starr taketh away, Starr giveth. And according to New York Times, the prolific restaurateur will bring a version of his Tijuana Taxi-inspired El Vez to Manhattan’s financial district soon after delivering Momofuku Ko top dog Peter Serpico’s self-titled debut to Philly’s South Street next year. The first word is that the Mexican restaurant, which in Philly served as the launch pad for Jose Garces, and counts Top Chef All-Stars runner-up Mike Isabella among its alumni, will share the look and feel of the original, but with 200-plus seats, will be almost twice the size. Of course, because everything is bigger in New York. [NYT]

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