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Are Hasbro’s Easy-Bake Ovens Just for Girls?

How about them (Easy-Baked) apples?Photo: Courtesy of Hasbro

An eighth-grade girl from Garfield, New Jersey, wanted to get her 4-year-old brother an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas but was upset to learn the toy only came in pink and purple and is marketed to girls. McKenna Pope’s little brother Gavyn says he'd be fine playing with a pink oven by himself, but would be "embarrassed to use it in front of his friends." Pope's petition to convince Hasbro to make a "boy's" version was signed by 30,000 people in a week, and even Bobby Flay has weighed in, telling the Associated Press that he got his start on an Easy-Bake when he was just 5 years old. For the record, Flay says the oven's color doesn't matter. [AP/APP]

Joe Sixpack Pouring Vintage Anchor Christmas Ales at Fergie’s; Mad Elf Going On Tap Everywhere

Anchor's Our Special Ale

The geek factor will be set on high tomorrow at Fergie’s Pub when Daily News columnist Don Russell (aka Joe Sixpack) blows in for a vertical tasting of 15 or so vintages of Anchor Brewing Company’s Our Special Ale. That’s the yuletide seasonal the San Francisco brewer’s been rolling out every holiday season since 1975. Each year the suds makers switch up the ingredients, so each release is different from years before. Russell penned a long, bittersweet tale of how he inherited his stockpile of the stuff from dearly departed Phillies broadcaster Andy Musser. His accomplice in the tasting, Keith Kelleher, an upstanding elbow-bender from way back, has amassed his own deep collection of the ales that he’s bringing along. It spans more than 10 years.

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Why Has SodaStream Gotten So Aggressive All of a Sudden?

Maybe you've seen this newish SodaStream commercial that was banned in Europe but airs carefree in the U.S.? The one that features attractive people hitting the carbonating button atop their machines to make seltzer, but also thereby remotely detonating bottles of cola and orange soda in warehouses and bodegas, as if they were two-liter bogeymen?

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How Bud Light Platinum Went Platinum


On Monday, February 6, a vaguely sweeter, higher-proof version of Bud Light went on sale after debuting in an expensive Super Bowl commercial the previous night. Packaged in cobalt-colored bottles and sold at an arbitrarily higher price, Bud Light Platinum seemed like a big joke in the making, says BuzzFeed, but somehow the beer became Anheuser-Busch's biggest success story in recent memory, specifically with a very small subset of millennials: "24 to 27 is really that sweet spot," a Bud VP says, adding that "it's less than a demographic than a mind-set." Further down the trail of hops, BuzzFeed finds a 22-year-old marketing intern with another, more concise understanding of the beer's appeal, who says her friends "decided it was ‘a drink for frat boys who like, grew up a little bit.’’’ [BuzzFeed]

Sketch Burger and St. Benjamin Brewing Teaming For Collaboration

St. Benjamin BreweryPhoto: St. Benjamin Brewery

St. Benjamin Brewing is teaming up with Sketch Burger on Tuesday, December 11 for a collaboration that will bring the mighty Fishtown-based three-barrel nano-brewery’s beers to the Girard Ave. burger joint for the evening. Though the menus and beers have not yet been fully finalized, it’s looking now like St. Ben’s brews Transcontinental, a malty amber ale, and Baltic Porter will be pouring, and several of the specials on offer will be prepared with them. Right now, dishes that will be served will include a beer-braised short rib grilled cheese sandwiches with grilled onions; fresh-cut fries with a house-made beer cheese sauce; beer-glazed seitan or beer-glazed chicken with rice; and a chocolate stout cake. St. Benjamin’s owner Timothy Patton, and Sketch owner Phyllis Farquhar will both be on hand to talk about the food, the beers, and how they work together.

Spike Mendelsohn Looking For a Place In Philly to Hang His Fedorka

Spike MendelsohnPhoto: Bravo

It’s not the first time we’ve heard it, and surely it won’t be the last. Spike Mendelsohn, the Top Chef‘testant who’s done for the fedorka what Mario Batali has for Crocs, is once again on the prowl for a location to set up shop in Philadelphia. Though rumors have come and gone before that he wants to open an outpost of his D.C. burger joint Good Stuff Eatery here, that scuttlebutt was warmed over again yesterday when Mendelsohn tweeted that he was looking for a 3,000 square foot space somewhere in “downtown Philly.” Hey, how ‘bout the Union Trust space on Chestnut Street? That ought to be up for grabs soon. [Chef Spike/Twitter; Earlier]

Wursthaus Schmitz Gets the Go-Ahead to Cook and Serve Hot Food

If the Haus is a'rocking…

The wurst case scenario for today’s lunch? Grabbing one of the five specialty sandwiches now being offered at Wursthaus Schmitz. The Reading Terminal Market stand spun out of South Street’s perennially popular Brauhaus Schmitz got the go-ahead yesterday to begin cooking and serving hot food. Though opened since early November, the market’s home for German imports and tubed, smoked and cured meats, has been stuck with one foot in limbo, while awaiting installation of its hood and final inspections. With those setbacks cleared, the Haus will start rocking its highly anticipated hot offerings today. Keep reading to check out the menu.

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Jonathan Gold Is Getting His Own Documentary

Coming to a theater near you.

Current Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold will be the subject of a forthcoming documentary directed by Laura Gabbert, who made 2009's No Impact Man, according to The Hollywood Reporter. When he started out 30 years ago, Gold shifted the food conversation away from white tablecloth restaurants by turning attention to a broader array of mom and pop noodle shops, burrito stalls, undersung smokehouses, gas station sandwich shops, and more, giving them the same consideration as the rest of the Los Angeles dining scene, then coming down from a fever dream of spa cuisine and oversteamed snow peas.

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