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Gennaro's to Start Tossing Tomato Pies in South Philly

Baked fresh!

There’s a new pizza joint on the way at the corner of Jackson and Carlisle streets in South Philly. The name is Gennaro's Tomato Pie, and its on track to open January 2. Insider reports that Mike Giammarino, who fronted the Rittenhouse satellite of New York’s ancient Lombardi's Pizza until it was squeezed out to make way for 10 Rittenhouse, is behind the new venture. Tomato pies are said to be the thing there, which might cause some confusion. It’s not going to be that cheese-less thick, and doughy crusted tomato pie found in nearby Conshohocken and Norristown. From the sounds of it, it seems like the tomato pies there will be a hybrid of the the Santucci’s sauce-on-top style, and the crisp, cross-cut pies native to the Chambersburg section of Trenton. The menu will also have some salads and appetizers. [Insider]

The Mildred ‘Did Not Disappoint’; Craft & Claw Deserves Support in ‘Undouching Old City’

Brian Freedman Cristina Perachio writes The Mildred’s chitarra with braised cockles, bacon and beer “did not disappoint,” despite Inky critic Craig LaBan just saying it needed “fine tuning.” Citing the combination of quality ingredients, and masterful technique, she also heaps praise upon a braised chicken dish that he says isn’t the type of thing she ate while growing up, but it still had a “comfort-food feeling to it.” [PW]

• “Mariner-chic” Craft & Claw in Old City comes across like an “upscaled Chickie’s & Pete’s,” according to Adam Erace, and “crabs are the main attraction.” All told, he writes the place is “worth patronizing,” Chef Nick Fabian “has the talent to keep things afloat,” and the “worthy cause” of “undoucheing of Old City” should be supported. [Citypaper]

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Marilyn Hagerty and Missing the 12/12/12 Benefit Concert

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt showed up, too.Photo: Bravo

Last night, while everyone in America watched the 12/12/12/ Sandy benefit, I watched Top Chef. Our episode opens with the aftermath of last week’s CJ-dectomy. The chefs believe he’ll be back — he’s simply too talented not to rise from the grave and take his revenge. Nobody seems to miss Tyler.

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Crepe Expectations: Forthcoming South Philly Sweets Shop Previewing Its Wares at Christmas Village

One of Global Crepes' crepes.Photo: Passyunk Post

There’s still some work to be completed, and inspections to be passed before Global Crepes and Local Shakes can open its doors to the public, but that’s hardly stopping Liza Iezzi, the owner of the forthcoming South Philly spot, from previewing her wares. While things continue to come together at the corner of 9th and Sears (a block south of Pat’s King of Steaks), she’s setting up shop at the Christmas Village set up in Love Park, according to Passyunk Post. Working under the moniker of Liza's Crepes and Waffles, Iezzi’s serving baked waffles topped with Nutella, whipped cream, bananas, caramel, as well as a handful of different sweet and savory crepes from the interim location until December 24. Global Crepes and Local Shakes is looking to January 2013 for an opening. [Passyunk Post]

Vesper Club In a Huff Over Racquet Club’s Ban on Smoking

Alive with pleasure!

Randolph and Mortimer Duke, and all the other old codgers who still bother renewing their Vesper Club memberships are so mad right now that they could have smoke coming out of their ears! That is, if the private dining club's landlord, the Racquet Club, hadn’t imposed ban on lighting up. When the Vespers were squeezed out of their old digs on Sydenham Street earlier this year, the club worked out a deal to cozy up with neighboring Racquet Club. Under the landlord-tenant arrangement, Vespers got their own dining facilitates, but shared a common bar space. Insider reports today that since the Racquet Club’s nixed smoking, Vepsers are crying that they are “under attack.” They’ve sent a letter to members urging them that keeping memberships up to date, and to making more frequent visits to the club is “critical” to its survival. Yeah, you know what else would help ensure the club survives? Urging the dwindling membership to quit smoking. [Insider]

Why Yes, Guy Fieri Did Have a Rock of Ages Cameo This Week

Guy Fieri's Times Square restaurant still isn't getting much love (unless you count customers who go there ironically), but the kewl one continues to make his mark on Times Square. The producers of Rock of Ages invited him to be in the show on Tuesday night because apparently they lost a bet. Of course there's video, which you can see straight ahead. At first, Fieri plays it off like he's reluctant to do this, but you can tell he's just loving it — the costume doesn't even look much different from Fieri's normal clothes. The walk-on probably won't help convince people he's really trying to improve the food and neon-blue drinks at Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, but the tourists in the audience look like they're way into it.

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