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Bartenders Without Borders: Cocktail Aces Shaking Up a Hurricane Sandy Benefit at Tequila’s

Drink up, it's for a good cause.

The Philadelphia Chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild — that’s some of this town’s top drink-mixing talent — are teaming up Sunday night at Tequila’s to host “95 Problems, But a Bridge Ain’t One,” a fundraiser to benefit Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. Starting at 9 p.m., bartenders like Franklin Mortgage’s Al Sotack and Colin Shearn will join forces with Emmanuelle’s Phoebe Esmon and Spirit Animal Christian Raphael Gaal to shake up cocktails with booze generously provided by Siembra Azul, Philadelphia Distilling, Fratelli Branca, Pierre Ferrand, and tons more. All cocktails (the full list was leaked to Meal Ticket) will be priced at $10, and all proceeds, and tips will be go to the cause.

Watch the First Episode of ‘Epic Chef,’ the Competitive Cooking Show From ‘Epic Meal Time’

Suitcases filled with bacon strips, self-hate, Top Chef, and "sushi-grade lard" all collide in the first episode of "Epic Chef," a new web series from the makers of "Epic Meal Time." If you're already familiar with the team most responsible for this year's bacon shortage, then you already know what you're in for. The first installment pits chefs David Alvarez and Ilan Hall against each other. The pair are tasked with reinventing breakfast, and this is probably the first time you'll ever hear a judge preface his or her comments with the words "I would just like to say that both meals were shitty." If you can stomach it, click on through.

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Aw Shucks: Oyster House Has Oysters To Go For the Holidays

The Oyster House is not shucking around when it comes to entertaining this holiday season. The Center City mollusk merchant is making it easier for you to bring its finest goods to your next party or potluck with oysters shucked and ready to go. Priced by the dozen, or per piece, owner Sam Mink and his staff have at least six different types of oysters from East and West coasts, as well as raw clams that they are shucking, plating and packing up. Prices vary. Orders must be placed in advance, with at least one hour’s notice before picking up.

Someone Ganked Thurston Moore’s Guitar From the Bar at the Best Western

Thurston Moore

Alt-guitar god and Sonic Youth co-founder Thurston Moore was dealt a six-string bummer Wednesday night while chilling at the bar at the Best Western near 22nd and Hamilton streets following his solo gig Space 1026. While seated there, some thief snuck up and ganked his prized 1966 Fender Jazzmaster, which was practically right next to him with his luggage. The seemingly beat and heavily stickered guitar, which he’s been shown shredding in countless photos and videos from the band’s lengthy tenure, is worth roughly $20,000. Surely the sentimental value is priceless. Police reports have been filed, and every Sonic Youth diehard in a 200 mile radius has there eyes peeled for it. Anyone with information about the guitar or its thieves are urged to contact police. [myfoxphilly]

Dark Meat: A Brief History of Pork-Chop-Related Violence

Worth killing for?Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Yesterday, a Florida man shot his drunken roommate in a pork-chop dispute. Thomas Hahn objected to his roomie's views on how to properly cook pork chops, so he planted three bullets in his head. At first blush, this might seem like a slight overreaction, no matter how important it is to get a nice char and a juicy center. But careful research reveals that arguments over pork chops are frighteningly common. Ahead, a short social history.

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Lunch Lady Loses Her Job for Feeding Needy Kid

A Missouri elementary-school cafeteria worker named Dianne Brame was fired on Tuesday for feeding a fourth-grade boy whose mother hadn't renewed him in the school's free lunch program. The rules at Hudson Elementary in Webster Groves state that children whose eligibility lapses are entitled to a few freebies but thereafter are given a carton of milk and a lowly cheese sandwich. In the local news video below, Brame says she served the fourth-grader a free full lunch for two months in order to prevent the other students from bullying him. On Monday, however, a co-worker reported her to the food-service company that has a contract with the school, and though she has now lost her job, the former lunch lady says she has no regrets.

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The Mildred Introduces Sunday Prix Fixe Specials

Rocks out with its crocks out.

Chef Michael Santoro and his partner in Bella Vista’s The Mildred, Michael Dorris, are rolling out a new Sunday night prix fixe special this weekend. Each week will feature a new selection of comfort-y dishes that will be cooked and served int the restaurant’s signature cast iron cookware. The three-course dealy will set guests back $38. Initial offerings include ragout of duck with housemade gnocchi sardi, and winter vegetables; crisped local daurade with cockles, bok choy, and bouillabaisse sauce; and oven roasted quail with braised lentils and beetroot. Check out the full menu straight ahead.

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Vodka Saves Stranded Siberian Elephants’ Lives

Here's a story everyone can relate to: After his trailer caught fire, Russian circus trainer Leonid Labo found himself and his two middle-aged elephants stranded amid Siberia's brutally bone-chilling landscape. To keep his pachyderms from freezing, he fed them ten liters of vodka (each) diluted in warm water. A zoo director later said the move "saved the animals from frostbite and pneumonia, without harming or even intoxicating them." [AP]

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