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Will BYOB Pays ‘Deep, Abiding Respect’ to Flavors; Red Owl Tavern Strikes a ‘Homey Chord’

• Brian Freedman calls what’s coming out of the kitchen at East Passyunk Ave.’s Will BYOB “remarkable,” and chalks up the success of the plates to the “extraordinarily talented” Chef Christopher Kearse’s “deep, abiding respect for the flavors.” Scallops are the “mollusk equivalent of Ecstasy,” and a pork belly appetizer, served with winter bean cassoulet “could be the swine version of the drug.” All told, he says the restaurant brings “verve” back to the city’s BYOB culture. [PW]

• Adam Erace says “go ahead and order another round” of cocktails at Hotel Monaco’s Red Owl Tavern. Just don’t expect the service to be able to explain what they are, or how to pronounce them. As for the food? The linguica “delivered a concerto of fragrant spices (coriander, cumin, fennel, chile) against a Merlot-washed backdrop of house-ground pork,” and the pot pie struck a “homey chord,” in spite of the fact that it didn’t come with a plate underneath to “catch the drippy gravy and flyaway pastry flakes.” [Citypaper]

Sophia's Will Be the First of Several Restaurants Christopher Lee Opens Here

Chef Christopher LeePhoto: Patrick McMullan

So it turns out that Sophia's*, the restaurant that New York chef Christopher Lee is bringing to the Salt + Pepper space on East Passyunk Ave. is the first of several projects he has planned for Philadelphia. He told Grub this morning that he had previously expected to be working on a follow up early in 2013, a sophisticated seafood concept similar to Striped Bass back when he was in charge of the dearly departed restaurant’s kitchen. But the location fell through. Further complicating things for his aggressive expansion here is the matter of permits for renovations and work at what will inevitably become Sophia's, and the City of Brotherly Love’s notorious red-tape-wrapped processes for securing them. “My ultimate goal is to build something similar to Striped Bass in Philly,” Lee told us. “I think the city loved it, and I think it wants and needs something like it again. That’s what we’re working on next.”

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Beautiful Berries and Shredded Jeans

Padma doesn't do pink.Photo: Bravo

On the last Top Chef before the Feast of St. Christmas, we find Josh moaning about his shattered reputation as a pork expert. He vows to never cook pork again. Pigs across the country breathe an oink of relief, then go back to rolling around in their own fecal matter.

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Watch These Adorable Old People Try to Get Through Their Lines in This Truck Stop Commercial

This older man and lady having lunch at Dysart's Restaurant in Bangor, Maine, are having a bit of a hard time saying their chicken potpie is "baked in a buttery, flaky crust" during the filming of a commercial for the place. They keep trying anyhow, though, which really just makes them the best.

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Route 6 Ale Goes on Tap Tonight

Just look for the neon crab.

Alla Spina isn’t the only spot on North Broad Street to get a custom-brewed house beer. Route 6, the seafooder from Stephen Starr that sits directly next to the Vetri gastro-funhouse, is unveiling Route 6 Ale tonight. It’s a classic American pale ale, brewed exclusively for the restaurant by Dock Street, using Maris Otter barley, which imparts a toasty biscuit quality, and rye for an added spicy kick. The addition of Centennial hops brings a floral and piny character to the party. A 14oz. glass will go for $6, and pitchers for $22, and $2.50 and $12 (respectively) during happy hour.

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Sloshed: The Pro-Am Guide to New Year’s Eve Drinking

Don't be this guy.Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS

New Year's Eve is our one mandatory holiday — you must celebrate. Try telling people you're staying in on December 31 and you will see them go through stages of confusion, disbelief, moral outrage, and activism that will end with them making plans for you. But while the idea of everyone being out is fun in theory, it's sloppy in practice. Seasoned party veterans mingle with nightlife n00bs, and nobody can get a drink because every bartender in America is in the weeds. This has to stop.

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Where to Eat and Drink Before the World Ends

This guy knows what's up.

Forget the duct tape, gas masks and hand-cranked radios. If indeed the world as we know it is truly coming to an end on Friday, as some believe the ancient Mayan calendar foretold centuries ago, you’ll need a last meal and some drinks to steel your resolve for the pestilence, war, famine, and certain death that awaits. To help you with your end times planning, we’ve put together a guide of doomsday dining deals. Check them out straight ahead, and see you on the other side.

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Watch the Real-Life Fruit Ninja Slice Melons, Spare Kittens

The best fruit-slicing video game you've maybe played on your phone comes to life in stunning detail in the short made by Scott Winn, who makes a lot of wonderful things. This ninja bisects pineapples, watermelons, and lemons (sort of) with the greatest of ease. He would never hurt a flying kitten, and, at the 1:02 mark, he pummels a Twinkie. This really ought to be a feature film.

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