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Canadian Prison Pizza Parties Are Now Banned

Hold the pepperoni, and everything else.

In September, Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews put an end to years of sanctioned fast-food parties held for inmates when he issued a directive condemning them. The practice was widespread in prisons across Canada for many years and doubled as a food drive for groups like Doctors Without Borders. Under the program, inmates used their own money to order outside food, while food drives took place on the outside. "Canadians were concerned that dangerous and violent prisoners had across the board access to pizza parties and BBQ socials," a spokesperson for the government tells the CBC. Greg McMaster, a convicted murderer who has spent 34 years of a life sentence in jail, says his fellow inmates raised $50,000. "If someone's in an outrage that I enjoy a piece of KFC twice a year," he told the CBC, "I would say their priorities may be a little askew." [CBC]

Keep On Giving: Memphis Taproom Accepting All Kinds of Donations on Boxing Day

As they do every year, Brendan Hartranft, Leigh Maida and the rest of the good folks at Memphis Taproom will spend December 26 celebrating Boxing Day. Throughout the day, they will be pouring a stunning array of the world’s best holiday and seasonal beers that will be on tap, and as tradition dictates, be collecting canned goods, non-perishable food items, and gently used winter coats to be donated to People's Emergency Shelter, and HIAS Pennsylvania. They will also donate 5 percent of beer sales (until 5pm) to Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation Philadelphia, which works to fight childhood hunger in the city and surrounding communities. Bring in three cans and a warm winter coat for donation, and receive $1 off your first beer.

Twelve Interesting Christmas Food Traditions From Around the World

Did you know that KFC is now a huge Christmas thing in Japan thanks to a 1970s ad campaign?Photo: .tamoteru./Flickr

In America, we have our sugar cookies, our rib roasts, and our candy canes. The French have bûche de Noël. In Italy, there's panettone and the Feast of the Seven Fishes. But you may not be as aware of these other festive traditions from around the world. Like, for instance, the potato, cheese, and anchovy casserole known as Jansson's Temptation that's a traditional part of the Julbord (Christmas smörgåsbord) in Sweden? See a dozen of our favorites below.

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Louisville Man Sues Maker’s Mark Bourbon House for Alleged Racism

Maker's Mark Bourbon House in Lousiville.

Andre Mulligan and his brother met with representatives at the Maker's Mark Bourbon House and Lounge in Louisville last August in order to book a party for the following day. "During the meeting," Mulligan alleges in a complaint filed this week in Jefferson County Court, "the officials from Maker's Mark demanded to know the ratio of 'black people' to 'white people' attending the event." When Mulligan told them the party would be "100 percent African American," management allegedly replied that the restaurant would not host the event. When his party showed up at the restaurant the following night, they were turned away at the door. Mulligan is now suing the restaurant's operators for costs and punitive damages for violating the Kentucky Civil Rights Act.

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Katt Williams Causes Trouble at Subway While Suge Knight Gets a Manicure

Repeat offender Katt Williams was detained by LAPD in front of a West Hollywood Subway last night in response to an alleged disturbance at the foot-long purveyor. Much to the reassurance of public safety, the cops later released the comedian, handing him back his marijuana and a .45 caliber pistol after determining that he was only loitering while his manager, Suge Knight, got a manicure next door. For their troubles, a Subway employee brought the twosome free sandwiches and denied any incident took place. [TMZ]

Limoncello Maker Pollyodd Fine Liqueurs Opens Today on East Passyunk Ave.

Hello limoncello!

Still looking for a last minute gift for that special boozebag on your list? Perhaps a bottle of locally made limoncello would fit the bill. And how fortuitous is it that today — like right now — Pollyodd Fine Liqueurs just opened the doors of its retail shop on East Passyunk Ave.? With partner Tom Cavaliere, Joan Verratti, who is the only female distiller in the United States, launched a line of spirits with such boozey flavors as lemon, orange, lime, and chocolate. More are in the works, too. And thanks to newly relaxed liquor laws, Pollyodd’s limited distillery license allows Verratti to sell her wares from an ordinary storefront. Her line of limoncello, and -cello-esque drinks are also available 32 Wine and Spirit Shops in Pennsylvania.

Pollyodd Fine Liqueurs, 1908 East Passyunk Ave., (215) 760-4617

Shooting Leaves Miss Tootsie’s Waitress in Critical Condition

As the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, and the ensuing debate of guns and violence continues to harsh this season’s merry vibes, word comes that a waitress from Ms. Tootsie’s was shot early Thursday morning. Fox News reports that she was hit by a stray bullet while walking home after ending her shift at the South Street restaurant. She remains in the hospital in critical condition. Ms. Tootsie’s owner, Keven Parker and his staff are reportedly shocked and horrified by the shooting, and devastated by the fact that it happened just days before Christmas. [myfoxphilly]

Guy Fieri Is Now Dr. Guy Fieri

He will school you.Photo: Corbis, Getty Images

The Donkey Sauce titan and Food Network personality was given an honorary doctorate on Tuesday by his alma mater, UNLV. The school thanked Fieri for his public service and continued support of its hotel college's fund-raising efforts. "[T]here is no place better in the world to get a hospitality degree than UNLV," the chef said during commencement. "It allowed me to get the mental game it takes to win in the big leagues." Now that he's got multiple TV shows, a successful restaurant chain, and many cookbooks under his belt, let's hope that Fieri will move on to teaching, because he'd obviously be the best professor in the world. He'd wear Hush Puppies with a suit and bring gyozas with Bleu-Sabi sauce to class. He'd carefully hear out all of your problems and then maybe hit on your sister. [UNLV via Eater]

Watch This Outback Steakhouse Ad With Scary, Singing Leftovers

If you've ever opened your refrigerator door and found yourself, minutes later, deep in conversation about Sartre with a dish of beef stroganoff or slab of fennel gratin, don't watch this video — it will probably hurt your feelings. For everyone else, the idea here is that holiday-meal leftovers are creepy, so instead of eating them, let them fester until they develop perfect pitch and start singing Christmas songs. Then go to Outback Steakhouse and eat there. After all, Bloomin Onions don't cry out when you pull them apart limb from limb.

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Airport Security Busts Culinary Student

It was a close call yesterday at Philadelphia International Airport. But thanks to the crack team of TSA security being on their toes, what could have been a major tragedy was averted. Or was it? Action New reports that airport security took a young woman into custody around 1:45 p.m. after discovering that she was trying to board a plane with a large, 8-inch knife in her carry-on bag. Was she going to hijack the plane? Or go on a mid-air stabbing spree? No. Turns out she’s a culinary student. And after being questioned, her knife was confiscated, and she was permitted to board her flight. Looks like she won’t be showing off her newly honed knife skills to her folks while home on break. Nothing to see here. Please move along. [Action News]

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