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Watch This Supercut of Kids Eating Warheads for the First Time

"Fight through it," some guy encourages, off-camera, as a little girl with pigtails winces. "Fight through it!" Here's a bunch of kids (and a few babies, too) trying Warheads candy for the first time on video. This all may seem sour or sweet, depending on your feelings about kids, coercion, malic acid, and/or candy. Even if you've never eaten a Warhead before, the video is bound to leave a somewhat funny taste in your mouth.

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Hot and Spicy Soup Burned a Hole Through a Man’s Stomach

Though we've already heard about the London line cook who crumpled after eating ghost chiles, the teenage girl who froze her stomach with liquid nitrogen cocktails, and, of course, the Scottish guy who ate too many Brussels sprouts and almost died, the Year in Vengeful Meals would not be complete without an eleventh-hour appearance from Chinese Death Soup, so here goes: A 26-year-old man with no previous stomach troubles was hospitalized in Wuhan, China, after he enjoyed hot pot at a local restaurant. The unnamed man ordered the spiciest, "numbing hot" soup, vomited blood, and doctors say the chile- and Sichuan-peppercorn-addled soup "burned right through his stomach tissue." This allegedly happens often enough that medical professionals have started calling such cases "hot pot patients" after they're sorted out in the ER. [RocketNews via Foodbeast, Earlier]

Five Ways Dining Changed in Philadelphia in 2012

Royal Sushi and Izakaya could set the bar even higher for gastropubs, if it ever opens.Photo: Jeff Towne

We saw the flagship of our city’s fine dining flotilla, Le Bec Fin, sink in 2012. And we also saw it resurface a few months later with a new crew at the helm. While Starr reeled in more exports from New York, and team Solo + Cook went to the burbs with Citron and Rose after delivering a second Federal Donuts location, and Marc Vetri dialed back the luxuriance with a gastropub. Today we’re taking a look back, and highlighting how things changed in our corner of the foodiesphere. And if you’re curious about how things shook out in other major metropoli under Grub Street's watch, be sure to peep our sister sites throughout the day for the latest movements in Foodlandia.

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Oyster Bogs and Old Turkey Bones

Hey, a fully functional oyster paddy.Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Greetings from North Carolina! I’m home for the holidays, celebrating Christmas with family and friends. I hope you’re blessed as well. I know many of you read these recaps because you’re interested in my “meal memories” and “fondest foods,” so let me share some of the edible highlights of the holiday:

Watch out for "Team JalapeƱo Business." »

Now Open: The Foodery, Plying Roxborough’s Beer Lovers With Bottles and Cans To Go

That's a lot of beer.Photo: Courtesy The Foodery

The Foodery’s formidable bottle shop empire gets a little bigger today with the debut of its new location in Roxborough. Word came by way of Twitter that the doors are open, and the beers are flowing. Like its predecessors, the mothership at 10th and Pine streets, and its first satellite at 2nd and Poplar streets, the latest outpost specializes in local and American craft beers, as well as rare and exotic imports, and just about everything else in between. For its first day up and running, reps from Flying Fish Brewery will be on hand, pouring samples of its Jersey-brewed suds starting at 5 p.m. Next up: Foodery's partnership with The Corner's Tony Rim at 17th and Sansom.

The Foodery, 6148 Ridge Ave., (215) 238-6077

Krispy Kreme’s Closing Deals Center City a Doughnut Downer

Going out in a glaze of glory

The Krispy Kreme location near 16th and Chestnut streets is calling it quits. The national chain’s local franchisee, Brian Zaslow, plans to pull the plug after wrapping up service on Sunday, December 30, according to the Insider. Before you go pointing your finger at the second Federal Donuts location, which opened around the corner at 16th and Sansom in October, as the cause, factor in that the location has been available for sublease since last summer. All of the operation’s doughnut-making and glazing gear is going to a new Krispy Kreme that’s coming to Havertown. [Insider]

Lemon Hill Now Handling the Food Side of Things For Franklin Mortgage

Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.Photo: Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

The winds of change continue blowing through the Franklin Mortgage and Lemon Hill realms. You’ll recall that managing partner Mike Welsh exited the hospitality group that owns and operates both venues last month. And that followed the parting of ways between the Hill, the Franklin and Supper chef-owner Mitch Prensky. Word comes this morning from Lemon Hill assistant manager Daniel Eng that the Fairmount restaurant’s chef, Joel Mazigian, will now be handling the food side of things for the subterranean Center City cocktail joint. Just as before, the small menu of snacks will change periodically with what’s in season. Some highlights of what’s new include speck with house mustard; Bayley Hazen Blue with pear vanilla aigre-doux, candied walnuts; and spicy smoked almonds.

McDreamy Attempts to Save Coffee Company

That hair could fight Chapter 11.

Patrick Dempsey, who plays Dr. Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, wants to rescue something for reals: He's leading a group that's striving to buy Tully's Coffee, a Seattle-based company that recently filed for bankruptcy protection. If Dempsey succeeds, he'll save more than 500 jobs in over 100 stores, as well as give thousands of women the caffeine they need to try to jump his bones. [HuffPo]

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