There’s ‘Beefy Stupendousness’ In Bubba’s Texas BBQ’s Brisket; Relocated and Downsized Fish Serves a ‘Solid Meal’


The barbecued brisket at Bubbas Texas BBQ in Fishtown is beefy stupendousness, according to Brian Freedman. He also vouches for the smoked sausage, which he says has a balance of smoke and spice-heat thats pitch perfect. Over-charring in the ribs department however, was one of the very few slip-ups. [PW]

Caroline Russock gathers the motley crew sandwich brain trust of Eli Kulp, Tom Lax, Scott Schroeder and Hawk Krall for a tour of the citys between-bread delights, and determines that Pats and Genos should only be patronized at 4 oclock in the morning, Cosmis has good cheesesteaks, and Chinks cheesesteaks and black and white milkshakes produce the most perfect stomachache ever. [Citypaper]

Trey Popp checks in on recently relocated and downsized Fish, where muted flavors undermined a plate of striped bass and pork belly, and sea scallops were uncooked in the middle. However an invigorating octopus appetizer, and a perfectly cooked mahi mahi made a solid meal. [Foobooz]