Where to Eat and Drink Before the World Ends

This guy knows what's up. Photo: iStockPhoto

Forget the duct tape, gas masks and hand-cranked radios. If indeed the world as we know it is truly coming to an end on Friday, as some believe the ancient Mayan calendar foretold centuries ago, youll need a last meal and some drinks to steel your resolve for the pestilence, war, famine, and certain death that awaits. To help you with your end times planning, weve put together a guide of doomsday dining deals. Check them out straight ahead, and see you on the other side.

Pub on Passyunk East
Like many a bar in this town, the P.O.P.E. is participating in Unibroues Last Toast, pouring, and raising a glass of the Canadian brewers appropriately-titled La Fin Du Monde at the stroke of midnight.

Jason Cichonski knows that when it comes to the end times, men and woman cannot go on to the hereafter on booze alone. Thats why hes drawn up a doomsday dinner menu for tonight thats sure to be the meal of a lifetime. Riffing on theme of decadence before you die, the seven-course prix fixe, which comes loaded with foie gras, caviar, truffles, and of course, bacon, totally fits the bill for a last meal. Seatings run $150 per person, and yes, even on the eve of destruction, reservations are required.

Blind Pig
The NoLibs bar and restaurant is hosting a costume party to meet the end of the world. The owners encourage guests to dress as zombies, Mayans, Nostradamus, doomsday cult members, or whatever your heart desires. Theyre also promising a Kool-Aid toast for the moment when time, as we know it, runs out.

Monks Cafe
Go ahead and charge a bunch the ultra-rare and precious beers that Monks has stashed away to your credit card. If the apocalypse comes, youll never have to make good on the bill. Stick around long enough, and youll get to toast the worlds end with draughts of La Fin Du Monde.

Grey Lodge
We had hoped for one last Friday the Firkinteenth before the worlds end, but a round of La Fin Du Monde, Troegs doomsday-inspired scratch beers, and any of the other bucket-list worthy beers on tap should suffice.

South Philadelphia Taproom
Doomsday prep gets a head start here with a La Fin Du Monde toast at midnight tonight. Theres talk of Unibroue t-shirts being given away, too.