Will BYOB Pays ‘Deep, Abiding Respect’ to Flavors; Red Owl Tavern Strikes a ‘Homey Chord’


Brian Freedman calls whats coming out of the kitchen at East Passyunk Ave.s Will BYOB remarkable, and chalks up the success of the plates to the extraordinarily talented Chef Christopher Kearses deep, abiding respect for the flavors. Scallops are the mollusk equivalent of Ecstasy, and a pork belly appetizer, served with winter bean cassoulet could be the swine version of the drug. All told, he says the restaurant brings verve back to the citys BYOB culture. [PW]

Adam Erace says go ahead and order another round of cocktails at Hotel Monacos Red Owl Tavern. Just dont expect the service to be able to explain what they are, or how to pronounce them. As for the food? The linguica delivered a concerto of fragrant spices (coriander, cumin, fennel, chile) against a Merlot-washed backdrop of house-ground pork, and the pot pie struck a homey chord, in spite of the fact that it didnt come with a plate underneath to catch the drippy gravy and flyaway pastry flakes. [Citypaper]