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Subway Is Putting ‘Creamy Sriracha Sauce’ on Its Sandwiches

Can a hot sauce as virtuous as sriracha jump the shark? Foodbeast reports that a somewhat cryptozoological condiment called "Creamy Sriracha Sauce" is being put on Subway sandwiches at the chain's Santa Ana, California, stores. It will be available for a "limited time only," according to the in-store sign, which is currently the best proof of its existence, and the field report indicates the sauce tastes "less sweet and much more spicy" when applied to a turkey sandwich. Any more rooster sauce sightings out there? [Foodbeast via Gawker]

Eggplant Is Also Trying to Kill You

One dangerous aubergine.

More bad food news: Eighty restaurant patrons in Beijing had to be hospitalized after they ordered and ate eggplant stir-fries that were spiked with clonidine, which caused immediate fatigue, dizziness, and vomiting. 34 of the restaurant's customers needed to have the drug cleaned from their bloodstream, the Salt reports, quoting a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. According to the folks from the No. 307 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, who authored the study with members of Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, the intentional poisoning was designed to draw customers to a rival, presumably clonidine-free restaurant back in 2010, so we should all be safe.

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Mt. Airy’s Goat Hollow Making a Comeback

Goat Hollow

Neil Campbell, who owns Old City’s Race Street Cafe, is teaming up with Andy Shahan to revive bygone Mt. Airy haunt, Goat Hollow. A rep for the two told Grub today that the opening will come later this month. The restaurant and bar, which closed in 2004 after a 17 year run, has been undergoing major renovations since last spring, and when reopened as an “American Brasserie” will sport a completely updated look. Monk’s alum Adam Glickman is signed on as chef, and will turn out what’s described as “hearty entrees, burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads and more” when service there resumes. The fact that Campbell and Shahan are working primarily with local businesses like Metcalfe Architecture and Design, Philadelphia Salvage, Fillippi Bros., Inc. and Design Nehez for the project shows that it truly takes a village to raise a defunct restaurant.

Azie Southeast in Newtown Square Goes Dark

Well, that didn’t take very long. Media Patch reports that the Azie Southeast location that multi-concept suburban restaurateurs Win and Sutida Somboonsong opened in the former home of their short-lived Sang Kee Noodle Bowl venture in Newtown Square has closed. It opened just three months ago. And it’s reportedly been dark since late November. There’s no reason given for the closing, but there’s a good chance the location is jinx. Prior to Sang Kee, it was another doomed restaurant, Parker’s Prime Steakhouse. [Patch; Earlier]

Starbucks Tops 2012 Most-Expensed Restaurants List

America runs on venti.

Hot diggity Frappuccino! What, if anything, does it say about the state of the collective American workplace that Starbucks ranks No. 1 on a list of last year's most popular expensed restaurants? There were 20,084 receipts for things like lattes and babyccinos filed with the expense-management company Certify between January and November, Bucks reports. “They’re not taking clients there," says Certify executive Bob Neveu. "It’s an individual running between planes, grabbing something quick.” Neveu says McDonald's, Subway, Panera Bread, and Burger King round out the top five, and while there aren't any real surprises here, does this mean that more and more "meals" are being consumed at Starbucks? A "night menu" of bacon-wrapped dates, truffle mac and cheese, and chocolate fondue suddenly doesn't sound like such a wacky idea after all. [Bucks/NYT, Earlier]

Overweight People Somehow Less Likely to Die Than Skinnier People

Happy for a reason.Photo: iStockphoto

Something to tell your annoying friends who made New Year's resolutions to eat more lettuce and enroll in cultlike exercise classes: The "largest and most carefully done" study of body-mass index and mortality suggests that people whose BMI ranked them as overweight are less likely to die than normal-weight people. “Fat per se is not as bad as we thought,” Dr. Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, professor of medicine and public health at the University of California, Irvine, told the Times. “What is bad is a type of fat that is inside your belly,” he said. “Non-belly fat, underneath your skin in your thigh and your butt area — these are not necessarily bad.” As it turns out, fat may even be protective and nutritional for the elderly. As expected, some experts are critical of this enabling study because factors like blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes weren't taken into consideration. So maybe don't give up jogging just yet. [NYT]

Cheu Noodle Bar Finally Lands a Home; Looking to Open in February

Cheu's logo

Shawn Darragh, who along with Matsyon chef Ben Puchowitz gave us several installments last year of the ramen pop-up sensation, Cheu Noodle Bar, sent us word this morning that they’ve landed a permanent, fixed location for the concept, and will have it up and running very soon. The space is the former home of Maru Global (before that Luna Sandwich & Pizza Shop) at 255 South 10th Street (between Locust and Spruce). And Darragh says they expect to open there before the end of February.

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Underground Fire in Center City Forces Federal Donuts to Close

Did someone say 'Dollar Donuts?'

Evacuations and snarled-up traffic aren’t the only victims of this morning’s underground electrical fire. Seems Federal Donuts has been forced out of commission by the blaze and its aftermath. Power’s out for the entire block, and FedNuts’ team of fryer jockeys are among the many left in the dark this morning. They will remain closed until PECO throws the switch back on. The good news is, they just tweeted that they are unloading all of today’s fancy donut selections for one dollar until the lights come back on. [Federal Donuts/Twitter]

Racquet Club Gives Vespers the Boot

Light 'em up, Vespers.

Seems as if the smoke has cleared in that beef between the Racquet Club and the Vesper Club that we mentioned a couple weeks ago. And in the latest turn of events, it’s looking like the Vesper’s members will enjoy the liberty of blowing smoke wherever they want now. That’s because the Racquet Club, which has been housing the displaced private club since they were forced out their own home in 2012, has given them the boot. It leaves the historic, and once prestigious club homeless for the first time since it was founded back in 1901. Insider reports that the Vespers issued a statement to members last week, stating that they would no longer be welcomed at their newly adopted, and newly smoke-free home in Center City. There’s no word yet where the club will spring up next. [Insider]

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